Another Front is needed

Paul Kagame

Dear Rwandans, Rwandan diaspora and friends of Rwanda:-

Logic dictates that realities on ground guide manuals of the time. In the same vein, time is telling us to change to a next operandi. We need a new manual.

Our common enemy – Kagame Paul – is charging to the worst of levels. Recall: a hawk descending on chicks!

Twenty years we have had under Kagame! In the first place he started hiding behind leaders he has since demoralized, killed or exiled. When time he deemed right did come, he came out in the open to seize power. Since that time he has been a dictator in all but a name.

If that was bad enough, the next is hell. Kagame has successful outmuscled the public, RPF and the opposition parties! He has overrun activists and the international community is quietly watching as he guns towards doctoring with the Rwandan constitution.

The prop is already set. The people have been dociled into submission and fear!

My people are crying a lamemntation! Tears trickle to their hearts, yet they are fishes – their tears invisible in lake Rweru!

With fear, tears and death in place, Kagame is securing signatures that will help him reclaim the kingdom of Rwanda. He is doing it unencumbered by whatsoever!

We need a new front to resist him

It would be regrattable indeed to have a life-long leader in the person of Kagame. That man is a ruthless Rwandan than have ever been known.
– A man who wants to rule people together with their thoughts?
– A man who chooses his reason over whoever’s?
– A man who kills fellow countrymen as if they are roaches?
– A man who spies on his people like they are beings deserving no privacy?
– A man who thinks himself bigger and rational than eleven million Rwandans?
– A qualified rumour monger?
– A run-off-the-mill warlord who smiles when he is causing troubles?

No way

We have to tell the world in black and white.

I invite every one of you everywhere and through every available nook and cranny to tell the world that people in Rwanda are not soliciting signatures.

They have a yoke at their neck and they are likely going to be <fishes of lake Rweru> if they don’t sign that petition to have Kagame stay at Urugwiro. I know some of you have access to different categories of media, please report it as widely as you can.

There are proofs on the ground. People in Rwanda are being invited to the leader of ten households <nyumba kumi> where they are being told to sign what they don’t even read.

Please let the world know! We need to trigger an international reaction and drama that will lay it bare. Please any one of us, any one!

If we work tirelessly on discrediting the move, we will be discrediting Kagame. We will be confirming to the fact that Rwanda has many other sons and daughters, it doesn’t need Kagame to choose its fate.

We will be affirming that we are <the people> and thus beacome of use to our posterity.

I submit.

Theogene Karenzi