As We Enter 2018, Kagame Is Promising More Mega Projects – But Which Will Actually Takeoff?

By David Himbara

As we enter 2018, Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame is promising heaven on earth. Which of the following mega projects might he accomplish – or even begin – in 2018?

Made In Rwanda Automobiles

Kagame is teaming up with Volkswagen to build a US$20 million car factory in Rwanda. Will this be achieved by May 2018 as per claim? Government’s role/contribution in this is unclear.

Kigali-Dar Es Salaam Railways

Kagame is teaming up with Tanzanian authorities to build a US$2.5 billion railway from Kigali to Dar Es Salaam. Will this begin in 2018?

New International Airport


Kagame is teaming up with the Portuguese construction firm Mota-Engil to build a new international airport at a cost of US$818 million. How far will this go in 2018?

From 210 To 563 Megawatts

Rwanda’s current energy generation is at 210 Megawatts on the national grid. Kagame has set an ambitious target to increase installed electricity generation capacity to 563 Megawatts. Will this materialize?

No Money

According to Rwanda Revenue Authority, the total revenue collected from all forms of taxes in 2016/2017 was RWF1.1 trillion. This is equivalent to US$1.3 billion. That is how tiny Rwanda’s tax base is. So where will Kagame get the money for all the above – loans? From where? Kagame has yet to recover from US$400 million Eurobond for building his convention centre.


  1. Comment: kagame is a blessed to Rwandans so I encourage and support him like this go ahead our president and never step back and “GOD” help you in everything you are doin’ and courage , so for us as youth we will try as your enforcement for sure and be blessed forever

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