At age 58, Kagame just discovered that mothers are important

But how many special mothers has Kagame murdered to-date? When Kayumba Nyamwasa died (in 2010, I believe) and Kagame prohibited all government officials go attend her burial ceremony… did Kagame understand that Kayumba’s mother was special to him? Tom Byabagamba is languishing in Kagame’s stinky jail today. Tom’s mother died about a week ago. Did Kagame let Tom go home to bury his special mother? From what I understand, Kagame owes his life nit only to his mother, RIP, but also to Kayumba and Tom, his military comrades who have saved life a gazillion times. Granted, without his mother, Kagame wouldn’t have been born and raised the way he did. However, without Tom and Kayumba Kagame probably wouldn’t be alive today.

If Kagame is not a sick person, then why does he think his own mother is any more special that anybody else’s mother? Will Kagame stop killing mothers now that his own mother is gone, or will he continue his killing spree?

nyina wa Kagame

This mother was killed by Paul Kagame. She was also special to her child. Kagame does not get it.


Bosco Mutarambirwa