Debate – Rwanda Post-Genocide Restoration

On November 12th 2015, in the city of Tromsø in Norway; Terram Pacis in collaboration with UN local chapter, The city of Tromsø and Rwanda Advocacy Partnership Committee organized a first ever open debate on Rwanda Post-Genocide Restoration and peace-building.

The aim of the debate was to question the official narrative of the Rwandan Genocide and its aftermath and point out the main reasons why the international community in 21 years of Rwanda Post-Genocide is silent when the people allegedly accused of Genocide crimes are enjoying impunity while on the other side the same international community is eager to prosecute only people from one side of the conflict with the evidence that researchers have put into question.

The event video

Interview with Rene Claudel Mugenzi

“The event has raised awareness about the past, the current situation in Rwanda and possible future outcomes of those situation. I hope that this to influence various decision makers to positively act at various level so that Rwanda and its people eventually gain freedom, reconciliation and everlasting peace.

The event has also triggered interest in students and researcher to look more into Rwandan issues so that they can learn more for the interest of academic development”. Said Rene Claudel Mugenzi

Interview with the Organizer

“ We organized this event and planning to organize similar events in different countries to overcome fear and fight for the truth and justice for all victims of the Rwandan Conflict from 1990 until up today. Settling for one side’s narrative, without critical thinking and reexamination of history and crimes, would be settling on an appallingly slippery cliff.

“Genocide denial” should not become a social-political tool to suppress critical thinking, freedom of expression and fundamental freedoms. Our conflict has caused way too many horrible killings! Alternatively, it is time to help Rwandans, mostly young generation on a path of dialogue for genuine reconciliation and stability”. Said the CEO of Terram Pacis

The Rwandan

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