Best Air duct Cleaning Equipment

These days, it is pretty hard to find houses or business spaces without air ducts. These air ducts should be cleaned thoroughly after a regular interval with the help of ProAir duct cleaning equipment. The air ducts are generally placed right behind the ceilings and walls. That is why it would be better if you clean the air ducts during the renovation work of the house. 

These air ducts are an essential part of the Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system and work like arteries to the house. The air ducts act as the main conduit of the HVAC system, and it is made of a number of materials. These are galvanized steel for rust prevention and insulation, aluminium for lightweight, fiberglass ducts for dampening the noise, and so on. The HVAC system sends heated or cool air in the air ducts to control the temperature of the entire house. 

Importance of cleaning air duct

The clogged air ducts pass harmful air aggravating the allergic symptoms of humans. If the air ducts are not cleaned properly, the air quality can deteriorate, and this poor air quality can make you fall sick frequently. A cleaned air duct ensures a cleaner living environment in your home. Not only this, but proper air circulation within the room also boosts the efficiency of people and keeps them in a good mood. 

A clogged air duct contains bacteria, dander, pollen, dust, asbestos particle, and so on.  Over time, the dust, pollen, etc., block the air circulation completely. If you neglect the air duct cleaning for a long time, the mold can spread everywhere, give birth to pests, and finally, it will become more expensive to clean the air duct. That is why the air ducts need to be cleaned once in every three months. 

A periodic air duct cleaning is good for patients, senior citizens, and children at your home as there remains no irritant in the indoor air. The frequency of air duct cleaning is totally dependent on location and weather. In simple words, if there is moisture and dust in the air, the air duct will get dirty soon. That is why houses nearby high roads, beaches, etc. need regular air duct cleaning. 

What are the equipments for air duct cleaning?

Though you can turn to the air duct cleaning business anytime, you should know that it is not rocket science to clean the air ducts yourselves. If you have the right ProAir duct cleaning equipment with you, you can do it yourself. This way, you will save your hard-earned money. So, before you buy duct cleaning tools, let’s know about them a little. 

  • Dual motor vacuum-

The dual-motor vacuum machines are pretty popular in the market these days. These are less expensive than a truck-mounted vacuum for air duct cleaning. This powerful machine consists of two motors and provides the users with a maximum cleaning experience. 

The Dual motor vacuum features 900 air watts, 160 water lifts, 120 volts, etc. It has a debris holding capacity of 9 gallons. This highly rated dual motor vacuum machine has high suction power, and it can last for years. If you are looking for a vacuum machine for duct cleaning which provides maximum power, you should buy this ProAir duct cleaning equipment. 

  • Bioclean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer- 

This sprayer directly reaches the air duct walls. Some people prefer calling the Bioclean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer a fogger machine as well. The duct sanitizing sprayer prevents the immediate formation of molds and debris within the air ducts. The package of air duct sanitizing sprayers comes with a spraying wand, durable protective case, and ladder hook. 

The sprayer injects chemical sanitizer as deep as 20 feet inside the air duct. The mist bioclean sanitizing sprayer should be applied once the air duct is properly cleaned with the help of a vacuum. The air duct cleaning businesses generally charge extra for sanitizing the air ducts.

  • Duct vacuum box- 

The duct vacuum box also comes in the package of basic ProAir duct cleaning equipment package. Whenever you open the air duct to clean it, you will see the duct vacuum box full of dust, dirt, debris, and spider web. You can open it with the help of a screwdriver. 

  • Duct plates- 

The Duct plates act as heat exchangers. A properly cleaned duct plate reduces the heating requirement and cooling requirement during winter and summer, respectively. You can replace these duct plates any time you want. That is why the duct plates are included in the basic air duct cleaning package. 

  • Cleaning balls- 

These are nothing but spinning balls that are capable of dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning. In addition, you can find the aluminium reverse ball, aluminium forward ball, 8′ whip cleaning ball, lightweight hose ball, etc., in the market. All these ProAir duct cleaning equipment make air duct cleaning pretty swift and easy. 

Once the air duct cleaning business team is done with their services, you should check the heating level, cooling capacity, blower, plenums, air vents, access doors, fiberglass, etc. A cleaned air duct will improve the air quality in the room and increase the longevity of the HVAC system in your office and home.