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The real surprise and breakthrough of the current season in Serie A is the performance of Lazio. The team managed to be successful in the championship race. After ⅔ distance, it retains a good chance of receiving gold. Among the match of the day watch online: 1xBet you can often find the confrontation involving the “Eagles”.

The season began with varying success for the team, so at the beginning of autumn no one could even think that everything would change for the better. Lazio began to add speed in October-November. It was then that the team began its winning streak, which ultimately exceeded 10 matches.

Thanks to such a sprint, the proteges of Simone Inzaghi were able practically to catch up with Inter and Juventus, which, it seemed, had already broken away from other pursuers. Now you can watch online the match of the day on 1xBet and make money. Moreover, the confrontation with the participation of Lazio is given close attention, because the team was able to make a qualitative leap forward.

In the spring, the club will have a decisive segment. We can already say that if Lazio doesn’t slow down, it will be able to qualify for the Champions League for next season. However, the appetite comes during the game, and the fans hope that their favorites will be able to throw themselves in the fight for the title. On you can always make a forecast as to how successful the club’s performance will be.

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Despite the fact that Lazio is obviously inferior to Inter and Juventus in terms of selecting players, the team has many advantages in the context of the fight for the title. Thanks to this, there might well be a sensation.

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Let’s return to Lazio, and we can note such advantages of the club:

  1. They are not overwhelmed in the international arena. Thanks to this, the team can focus on its fight for the title at home. At the same time, Juventus and Inter will play in the Champions League and Europa League respectively.
  2. Composition with a great teamwork. Lazio has practically no stars, but the team has established good mutual understanding and microclimate, which can become a guarantee of a positive result.
  3. Trainer’s experience. Simone Inzaghi has been working with the team for more than a year, so he created a strong team that can present a surprise.

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