Kagame And Mihigo Last Conversation

By David Himbara

After settling peacefully in heaven, Kizito Mihigo was curious about the world he had left behind. He fixed his gaze on the continent of Africa, and located his former homeland of Rwanda. Mihigo then saw Paul Kagame deeply absorbed in thought. With his new angels’ wings, Mihigo flew to Rwanda and suddenly appeared in Kagame’s office where the Rwandan ruler was sitting. In total shock of seeing Mihigo, Kagame was motionless and speechless. Mihigo spoke first.

Mihigo: Sir, how will you be remembered when you leave this world? And, do you seriously imagine that you will join me in heaven?

Kagame: I don’t give a damn about your heaven. If you dare ask me, I will immediately terminate you.

Mihigo: Take it easy, Sir. You can’t terminate me twice. By the way, how do you intend to explain my death? I notice that most people don’t believe your version of how I lost my life.

Kagame: I already dealt with that minor detail. You committed suicide.

Mihigo: But Sir, will you allow an autopsy? Just in case you don’t know what that means, the term refers to a surgical procedure consisting of a thorough examination to determine the cause, mode, and manner of death.

Kagame: That is enough! I am warning you. You dare ask me rubbish one more time, I will terminate your extended family since I can’t terminate you again.

Mihigo: Sir, let me sing for you about peace, unity, and reconciliation among Rwandans and with our Congolese sisters and brothers….

At this time, Madam Kagame Nyiramongi tried to awaken her husband who was screaming in his sleep about terminating Mihigo’s entire clan. Nyiramonyi then asked Kagame what kind of a nightmare he was having. Kagame looked deeply perplexed but remained uncharacteristically silent.