Best Slot Games To Play

Slot games have experienced a pretty wild ride over the last century and a half. Starting life out as simple mechanical beasts that could pay out a cigar or free drink at most, and eventually morphing into online machines that regularly give jackpots of over a million pounds, people far and wide just cannot get enough of gambling away on the slots. The incredible growth of the industry is testimony to this fact, because after all, if it were not for the millions of gamblers trying their luck on the reels the market simply would not exist.

Indeed, developers have a lot to thank the legions of slot aficionados for, as it is this that keeps them in business. But the pendulum swings both ways too, because if it were not for the monumental effort on the part of developers to churn out evermore exciting and innovative titles we would be willing to bet there wouldn’t be nearly as many avid slot fans as there is today. The only negative to all of this is that it can often seem like an almost impossible task to pick a slot game to play out of the incredible amount of variety. Luckily enough for you, however, we have taken the liberty of listing a few of our favourite online slots for you below…. 


The Ancient Romans remain as one of the most fascinating civilizations to ever grace the world, at one point conquering the whole of the Mediterranean, as well as territories in Africa and Asia. Even today we have a lot to thank them for, as without their crucial advances in the fields of irrigation, sanitation and culture we genuinely may not be where we are today as a species. It follows, then, that an online slot properly celebrates this civilization, and this is where the people over at Inspired Gaming step in, delivering one of the best online slots the industry has ever seen in Centurion – play at Wizard Slots.

Centurion takes the gladiators and warriors of Ancient Rome as its primary theme, with the slot background of a coliseum-type arena reflecting this. On an aesthetic level you really cannot beat this title, the graphics are almost unbelievably clear, with an impeccable attention to detail that overshadows any other offerings on the market currently. The best thing, however, about Centurion, are the four distinct bonus rounds that you will encounter whilst you spin the reels. These play out much like little mini-games in themselves, providing a lot more hands on excitement than many other similar online slots. They are also highly lucrative as well, giving you the chance to win at least 100x your initial stake if you’re lucky! 

Rainbow Riches 

No list of the best slot games to play is ever complete without at least a mention of the most famous series the market has ever seen – Rainbow Riches. Pretty much every single slot gambler worth their salt will have span these reels at some point in their gambling career, it is almost impossible not too! In fact, the Rainbow Riches series is so popular that Barcrest have managed to make both an online and offline slot phenomena out of it, with the games available to play at your local casino, as well as on the vast plains of the Internet. 

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Rainbow Riches is the quintessential Irish themed slot game, and is most probably responsible for the unmatched popularity of this theme in the modern day online slot market. There are multiple varieties of the title, but these are our favourites: 

·         Rainbow Riches: Drops Of Gold

·         Rainbow Riches: Pick And Mix

·         Rainbow Riches: Reels Of Gold

·         Rainbow Riches: Home Sweet Home 

Each of these titles operate on the classic Rainbow Riches premise, however each has its own unique twist. Check them out! 


NetEnt have emerged as the frontrunners in the online slot developer world, primarily because of their incredible attention to graphics, win-potential and overall playability. Starburst is one of those slots that will be played for decades to come as a result of its flawless combination of crystal clear 3D aesthetics, bonus multipliers and incredibly smooth gameplay. 

Fans of games such as Candy Crush or Bejeweled will feel right at home with this title’s colourful, gemstone theme, and it is testimony to the Swedish developer’s superiority that they have managed to pull it off quite this well. Indeed, it could have been a cheap rip off, but that is far from the case here. 

Immortal Romance 

Anyone here like vampires? If so you will absolutely love the Microgaming classic Immortal Romance, that was released well ahead of its time. Taking vital inspiration from things like the Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries TV series, this online slot combines the standard playability you would expect of a developer of Microgaming’s calibre, with a unique narrative story that unveils as you spin the reels. 

This is the main reason we love playing Immortal Romance so much, because it resembles a genuine story just as much as an online slot. In order to gain access to the game’s higher bonus rounds, for instance, you must first meet each character individually, and every time you do so the overall story gets clearer. Amazingly Immortal Romance was released well over half a decade ago, meaning it truly was well ahead of the curve! 

The Codfather 

We couldn’t not mention The Codfather, an online slot that will have you simultaneously jumping for joy and laughing your head off at the incredibly comical theme. Ever wondered what goes on under the surface of the sea? Ever thought those fish could in fact be engaging in some illicit activity? Well, in the world of The Codfather you will be working directly with a fearsome marine gangster named the Codfather, and believe us, it is really as funny as it sounds! 

Luckily for you the Codfather is a generous fellow, and he will grant you a large amount of cash if you help him with some errands….