Best Way to Contain My Dog

You are ever experienced escaping your dog from the backyard and gone missing for few moments to days. Unluckily, maximum dog owners had this bitter experience at least once in their lifetime. It sometimes leads to serious trouble for your dog. Keeping dogs out of their escaping plan is a frightening problem for many dog owners.

Dogs escape dramatically like Houdini’s magic for many kinds of reasons. But, of course, this depends upon the personality of your feline friend. However, some most common causes of escaping include protecting their territory, feeling lonely, finding something funny, having a friend outside, or even chasing other animals like squirrels. 

In order to ensure the safety of your dog, as a responsible dog owner, it’s obvious to find the best way to contain your dog in your yard. Luckily, there are several ways to do that. 

Dog owners nowadays can use a physical fence which you can visit this website for designs, electric fence, or some boundary training.

In this article, we’ll investigate this fencing system and let you know how it actually works?

What Is an Electric Dog Fence?

An electric dog fence is a wired fence placed underground and primarily used for dog containment. Without a physical fence, this generates an electrically charged border that keeps your dog inside of your yard. It is digitally linked to an invisible fence collar worn by the dog around its neck. You can check Spot On virtual fence in this regard.

This electric dog fence helps the owner to maintain aesthetically pleasant surroundings while still getting the advantage of dog containment without any extra effort and cost of building a fence. Electric fence for dogs is available in two varieties: in-ground and wireless. 

Wireless electric dog fences are easy to set up and require your dog’s proper training to adapt the collar. In contrast, the underground electric fences are installed using a trencher to bury the wire. However, proper training is essential for dog containment by using an electric dog fence.

How can I contain my dog in the best manner for him – this is a common question we hear frequently. So, after reading the rest part of the article, we hope you will get your long-waiting answers.

Do Electric Dog Fences Really Work?

Over the several advantages of using electric fences for dogs, some people still doubt whether these fences really work. In contrast, other people think this is the best solution to contain and train their dog without having much trouble. So, what’s the correct statement? 

Let’s find out the truth.

For many years, electric fences for dogs have been used for many years, approximately 40 years, to keep our dogs safe. Though statistics show the effectiveness of electric fences for dog containment is about 80%. Many dog owners are getting excellent results by using electric fences for a long time. Some challenges might interrupt the proper functioning of the borders. These includes:

  • When the area size is too small, less than 30 ft wide.
  • Sometimes signals get interrupted in heavily wooded areas, which create dead spots.
  • Sometimes, these collars are not suitable for small-sized dogs due to their bulkiness or heaviness. 
  • You should not use electric fences in a house with a mobile phone signal booster or smart meter.
  • Some owners didn’t perform proper training on their dogs about this fencing system.

Although, after removing these obstacles, you can quickly get the benefit of electric dog fences for your dog containment.

What Type of Fencing Is Best for Dogs?

Earlier, we discussed the potential benefits of various types of fences available for dog confinement. Among them, our experts select k9 electric dog fence as the best one available in the market based on its performance and customer reviews. 

These professional dog fences include a wire, a transmitter, and a containment collar. These three parts together are equally important for the successful containment of your dog. In addition, this invisible fencing system comes at a reasonable cost and works on almost any terrain. 

Several advantages over the traditional fencing system make the k9 electric dog fence the best of all. Overall benefits of building this EDF around the yard may include:

  • Controlling the movement of other predators coming outside to the inside of your yard. 
  • Preventing facing neighborhood nuisance because of a dog. 
  • By confining a dog, you can quickly avert various mishaps associated with free-roaming.
  • Study here shows that fenced dogs are less likely to get injured due to road accidents.
  • Decreasing the exposure to contagious diseases because of having less interaction with outer dogs and animals. 
  • Electric invisible fences also help to make your dog less available for pet thieves.

How to Train a Dog with an Electric Fence?

Here, we come with the most crucial part of dog containment. It includes proper and complete dog obedience training. Depending upon your dog’s personality, this dog obedience training may take between 2 to 4 weeks on average. 

Like other training methods, use some positive reinforcement, such as verbal praise or treats, to make the process enjoyable for your dog. 

This training is usually done in the yard and requires a lot of patience from the trainers. Take your dog out with you about ten times a day for at least 2 or 3 minutes to boost the training process. 

You can use k9 electric fence flags to mark the edge. These flags should be placed inside the shock area to give the first warning to your dog. These electric fence flags indicate the boundary which they can’t cross. Once your dog crosses the flag, your pet will get a series of beeps before getting a shock 3 seconds later. 

Don’t worry! Your dog won’t get hurt from this shock. Your dog will receive only a slight carpet shock after crossing the flag’s area. Keep a closer look at whether the collar: it shouldn’t be too tight or too free around the neck of your dog. Experts suggest removing the collar during the night and putting it back in the following day to avoid irritation. 

Through proper dog obedience training, your pets can quickly learn the signs of these fence flags and get an estimated idea about their territory. Lastly, incorporating fun during the containing and training process can increase the bonding between you and develop trust. For more information from real experts, visit here containmydog-dot-com.