Volkswagen Rwanda does not make cars – it is a car rental service provider

By David Himbara

Kagame launched Volkswagen four years ago claiming that ”some found it hard to believe that German cars could really be built in Rwanda, yet today, the first vehicles are rolling off the assembly line.” Volkswagen turned into a rental car company.

Volkswagen Rwanda’s CEO Serge Kamuhinda

Meet Volkswagen Rwanda’s Chief Executive Officer, Serge Kamuhinda. Before Serge Kamuhinda became Volkswagen’s CEO, he was Chief Operating Officer of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the leading government agency in the country. Previously, Serge Kamuhinda was the Deputy Head of the Strategy and Policy Unit in general Paul Kagame’s office. A person of this profile can not possibly lead a car manufacturing or assembly plant. Volkswagen Rwanda does not make cars – it is a car rental service provider. According to Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) Volkswagen Rwanda is one of the twenty nine licensed rental companies in Rwanda operating 21 vehicles.

We are told by the Scientific America journal that “lying is among the most sophisticated and demanding accomplishments of the human brain.” Apparently, Kagame’s chronic lying and exaggerations prove that he has a sophisticated brain. Stay tuned.