Burundi Chapter – 2

By Gakwerere

As the torrential rain poured over the muddy hills of Rwanda, Burundi opposition figures assembled in Nyamata in what was secretly known as the Nyamata crisis meeting – 2017. This secret meeting which brought together the main opposition figures in diaspora, which included putschist elements, pressure group members and former Burundian army officers. The main aim was to iron out a united front against the government in Bujumbura; however, DMI and criminal Paul Kagame had other exterior motives.

This was a secretive meeting which was logistically facilitated by criminal Paul Kagame’s regime. But DMI and criminal Paul Kagame knew very well that this secretive meeting wouldn’t result on a united front against president Nkurunziza of Burundi. DMI knew that a three day secretive meeting wouldn’t result into a united front, with a one voice opposition movement against the regime in Bujumbura.

To DMI, opposition figures being under one roof would create more division than the unity that their followers craved. The hidden objective of Kigali was for their main man – Hadji Hussain Radjabu to emerge as a statesman above pity politicking and cheap intrigues within Burundi’s opposition class.

As DMI predicted, this secretive meeting left the opposition members more divided than united, during these three days meeting, Hadji Hussain Radjabu who usually enjoys debating, tactically preferred to be a listener of ideas. And at the end of these three days of secretive meeting no one knew his real stand or ideas. He presented himself as a person who is ready to follow the idea(s) of the majority.

His behaviours and stature during this meeting was a well-designed imaging process in the grand DMI objective of one day becoming the main consolidating figure within Burundian opposition.

With criminal Paul Kagame and his dreaded DMI thugs, nothing is done without a clear aim, objectives and intended goals. DMI didn’t take a centre stage in the Nyamata secretive meeting, leaving Burundians to tussle it out with DMI supervising from the side-lines under a Rwanda – Burundian DMI officer Major Deo Nshuti, whose mother is Burundian.

The Imaging of Hadji Hussain Radjabu – DMI objectives

After the 2015 failed coup d’état in Burundi, a coup d’état which was planned, directed and commandeered from Rwanda; defeated putschist withdrew towards their masters in Kigali and it is from here that Rwanda’s capital – Kigali has turned into a safe heaven for Burundian dissidents.

As the putschist gathered in diaspora, with the help of Rwanda’s DMI, the opposition started re-organising. The anti-president Peter Nkurunziza elements rushed for a quick method to remove President Peter Nkurunziza, I noted this on my first chapter -1.

During this re-organisation process, anti-president Nkurunziza elements in diaspora started raising funds to support different rebellions. Funds were raised from all corners of the world and sent to ground opposition operatives based in Rwanda, from what I have gathered the money wasn’t used for its purpose, the cash was swindled.

These different fundraising drives led to deeper division within the Burundian opposition as funds misuse accusations and counter accusations swept the opposition.

While this quick fix of trying to remove president Nkurunziza was rolling, Hadji Hussain Radjabu and his handlers were calmly following events from the side-lines as they left other opposition figures to reap apart each other.

Hadji Hussain Radjabu didn’t get involved in any fundraising or asking any single money from Burundians in Diaspora to support his cause and he was totally out of fundraising intrigues that was swallowing up the credibility of the putschist elements. Those who tried to use his name to con money from unsuspecting Burundians were warned to stop.

To Hadji Hussain Radjabu, his aids and DMI handlers, their strategy was that of slowly building Hadji Hussain Radjabu as the only credible alternative to President Nkurunziza. Their strategy was that of calmness and slowly building a strong network, a political base that will eat up any other opposition organisation in Diaspora.

Now, three years since the 2015 failed coup d’état, with an opposition umbrella CNARED-GIRITEKA being ineffective and involved in internal fights, Hadji Hussain Radjabu has now come out and well imaged as the only credible alternative to president Nkurunziza. A slowly crafted DMI narrative is now taking a centre stage with Hussain Radjabu being at the centre of both pol – military opposition against the Burundian government.

And towards the end of last moth – march/2018, Hadji Hussain Radjabu was anointed as the supreme leader of Forces Républicaines du Burundi (FOREBU), with the organisation restructuring itself into four segments of political, military, intelligence and logistics.

…………to be continued.