Kagame Said That The Truth is the Cornerstone Of Nation Building. But He Does Not Know The Meaning Of These Words

By David Himbara

I will not politicize genocide. This is the time to remember our loved ones who perished in that ugly episode of our history in 1994. Personally, I lost my sweet beautiful sister Mukampunga and children. I also lost my wonderful brother Gofe who was a Jesuit priest. Like all other Rwandans who lost their beloved, my family will remember our loved ones always — the children of Byabagamba bya Rukizangabo wa Nzigiye.

While I refuse to politicize genocide, I totally reject the politicization of genocide by Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame

How dare Kagame utter the following words today?

”Truth is the Cornerstone Of Nation Building.”

”History teaches us that even after historical facts are out for everyone to see, some will still push you to distort your own history. We have to keep rebuilding our lives, unite and rebuild the Rwandan society. We can’t be hostages of our history.”

”We are reminded that our challenges belong to us and it is up to us to solve them. We are also reminded that others can take advantage of our divisions and make it easy for them to support our self-destruction.”

Kagame, you do not know the meaning of these words. If you did, you would not utter them. Look in the mirror and repeat these words. You will realize that the man talking is a liar. You will realize that the man talking is placing Rwanda, once again, on the path of destruction — not nation-building.