Career without borders: is Alabuga Start programme a ticket to a bright future?

The international programme from Russia offers a free flight and a chance to earn well even without work experience

Make major changes in your life, learn new skills, and earn good money in Russia – such opportunities are offered today by the Alabuga Start international programme. Young women can move to the country for free and become highly qualified specialists by mastering the necessary managerial competencies. Read on to discover what other horizons this international programme opens up and why it is available only for women.

Who can join the programme?

A few years ago, Alabuga Special Economic Zone (SEZ) introduced the Alabuga Start international programme, which has gained immense popularity among young women worldwide. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for girls aged 18 to 22 to relocate to Russia at no cost, where they can learn sought-after professional skills. Participants undergo intensive training and swiftly transition into the workforce, kickstarting their careers with an initial salary of $655. As they build their skills, their earning potential increases significantly.

Today, as announced by the programme organizers, participants have access to four professional training fields: Production Operator, Service and Hospitality, Catering, and Logistics.

“We invite girls with no work experience immediately after completing 9th grade of school. Alabuga covers expenses of moving to Russia. The ladies only need to collect the necessary documents,” they say in Alabuga. – Why only girls? It’s simple: a number of professions require feminine neatness and tenderness, which are not typical for men.”

Alabuga SEZ employees offer support to prospective programme participants from the initial application stage. HR specialists assist in document collection, facilitate work visa applications, provide guidance, greet individuals at the airport, and organize transportation to their accommodation.

All participants of the programme are guaranteed preferential housing in residential complexes of Alabuga. These complexes include fully equipped apartments with the following amenities: household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, stove); furniture (beds, cabinets, kitchen set); an equipped work area (desk, chair, bedside table). Additionally, the residential complexes feature sports grounds and parks for walking, providing a well-rounded living environment for programme participants.

The housing provided for Alabuga SEZ employees stands out for its convenience and security measures. Access to the residential complex is facilitated through the Face ID system, while the premises are continuously monitored by security personnel 24/7.

How is your career growing at Alabuga Start?

Participants in the Alabuga Start programme not only receive education in their respective fields but also delve into studying the Russian language, Russian history, and the fundamentals of Russian legislation. Upon finishing the training, participants are awarded relevant certificates.

Additionally, female participants undergo initial training in their chosen programme track. For instance, the career track focusing on “Production Operator” spans two years and comprises four stages. Initially, participants start by executing basic tasks related to the repair and upkeep of technological equipment.

It is crucial to highlight that every six months, participants in the programme have the opportunity to advance their careers by demonstrating their skills both at work and in school. By the final stage, female participants take on key roles as technicians, overseeing teams, ensuring adherence to technical processes and industrial safety standards, and proficiently interpreting drawings and technical documentation.

The training duration for “Service and Hospitality” and “Catering” programs is two years, while “Logistics” extends to four years due to its more extensive and rigorous vocational training curriculum. Upon completion, participants in the Logistics program obtain driver’s licenses for categories A(III), B, C, D, and E.

“It’s not scary to go to another country. It’s scary not to find yourself in this life”

Today, the programme is very popular among girls all over the world. Representatives of Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Colombia and other countries have already arrived in Russia.

The participants themselves note that they did not regret the chosen path. So, Victoria Kilani from Nigeria admits that she has dreamed of visiting Russia all her life. “My journey here began with getting to know the staff of Alabuga, a small tour of the territory and checking into comfortable dorms. The atmosphere there was very pleasant and welcoming. The dorms have everything: a spacious kitchen, a cozy room and playgrounds,” she said. – It didn’t take long to adapt here. I quickly became friends with my roommates, who helped me get into a new rhythm of life.”

She currently holds the position of manager at a restaurant, overseeing a team of individuals. “Arriving with limited experience in this industry, I began my work in the kitchen before transitioning to a role as a waitress. Recognizing my dedication, the management entrusted me with a new challenge. I have embraced this opportunity and am thriving in my current role, guiding and nurturing new team members on their own growth and development within the company,” reflecting on her journey, she shared.

Eyerusalem from Ethiopia says she joined Alabuga Start to learn a new profession: “Here we are trained on modern industrial equipment and gain professional experience,” the girl said. – I recommend not to miss your chance and join the programme.”

“Moving a thousand miles away was no joke, I got to admit. But I made it work, you know? At first, I was like, leaving home is scary. But my siblings had my back and were cool with my decision. And once I got here, I realized it’s not the country that’s scary, it’s not finding yourself in this life that’s the real deal,” she admitted. 

The conditions offered by the company attract a large number of people. Many people do not mind staying in Russia forever.

“After the programme ends, I would like to stay at Alabuga and make the most of what I got going on,” says a Redemptor from Uganda. “Back home, I have no chances like this to make money at 20, you know? My sister is going to graduate with 9th grade real soon, and she’s coming here too. It’ll be way easier for her and the rest of us. After all, here we are, who can tell you everything and help with the adaptation.”

To register on the program, please follow the link