Carine and Anaïse Kanimba, Daughters of Hotel Rwanda Hero, to Receive The Magnitsky Awards 2023 for Human Rights Advocacy

Carine Kanimba (left), Paul Rusesabgina (center), Anaise Kanimba (right) at a family wedding in Belgium in 2017.

London, November 14, 2023 – In a momentous occasion, Carine and Anaïse Kanimba, daughters of the heroic figure behind “Hotel Rwanda,” Paul Rusesabagina, will be honored with The Magnitsky Awards 2023 for their unwavering commitment to human rights. The prestigious event, named after Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional courage and dedication in the field of human rights.

Paul Rusesabagina, renowned for his courageous actions during the Rwandan genocide, was tragically kidnapped by Rwandan authorities in 2020. Undeterred by the challenges, Carine Kanimba’s brave campaigning actions and strategic efforts to secure her father’s release from Rwandan dictatorship have been immortalized in the book “Rescuing the Hero: A Daughter’s Quest to Free the Hotel Rwanda Hero” by Yvonne Uwera.

The Magnitsky Awards, established in 2015, commemorate Sergei Magnitsky, who paid the ultimate price for exposing government corruption in Russia. The awards are bestowed upon journalists, politicians, and activists who exhibit exceptional bravery in advocating for human rights worldwide. Past recipients include notable figures such as Boris Nemtsov, Senator John McCain, Jamal Khashoggi, Maria Ressa, Oleg Sentsov, Gulchehra Hoja, and Geoffrey Robertson.

Carine and Anaïse Kanimba’s recognition at The Magnitsky Awards 2023 reflects their outstanding efforts in the fight for justice and human rights. Carine’s strategic and determined approach to securing her father’s release has not only brought attention to his plight but has also inspired the publication of – RESCUING THE HERO: A Daughter’s Quest to Free The Hotel Rwanda Legend“ offering a poignant account of a daughter’s relentless pursuit of justice.

The awards ceremony, held annually in London, serves as a platform for honorees to shed light on the grave injustices prevailing globally. Attendees include journalists, politicians, non-governmental organizations, and members of civil society, creating a collective voice against human rights violations.

As the sisters accept this prestigious award, they join the ranks of those who have shown exceptional courage in the face of adversity. The Magnitsky Awards continue to serve as a beacon, inspiring individuals to stand up against injustice and champion the cause of human rights worldwide. The ceremony on November 16, 2023, will undoubtedly be a powerful moment, honoring the legacy of Sergei Magnitsky and celebrating the indomitable spirit of Carine and Anaïse Kanimba.