Chelsea suffers with injuries

Chelsea defeated Malmo FF from Sweden quite comfortably in a game that ended 4-0. This was a great chance for those who wanted to employ the online betting site 1xBet. However, the mood at the English team was not the best at the end of the match, and not because of the result, but instead, because of injuries to two of its most important players, which are:

  • Timo Werner;
  • and Romelu Lukaku.

Both players left the match early, after being assisted by Chelsea’s medical team for a while. Coach Thomas Tuchel stated that he was quite worried about both of them, because according to him, they would be “out for a while”. Now Tuchel will need to find new options in the squad for the upcoming matches, especially considering that there are no other nominal strikers at the team. In any case, Chelsea is powerful enough for many people to use the online 1xBet betting site in order to wager on the squad.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin continues to struggle with injuries

Everton has a problem with one of their strikers right now. This is because Dominic Calvert-Lewin suffered a setback on his quadriceps injury suffered back in August. In any case, people for sure will continue to bet for Everton by bet live match with 1xBet. It should be noted that Calvert-Lewin also had a broken toe, which further complicated the matters.

For now it is unclear when Calvert-Lewin will return to action. However, some argue that this setback might add a few months to his already long recovery period. For this reason, it is not likely to see the player back in the field anytime soon. Still, people can continue to win with 1xBet bet live match and other opportunities available.

Ousmane Dembele likely to leave Barcelona at the end of the season

Ousmane Dembele had quite a difficult job when he arrived at Barcelona back in 2017. He was supposed to be the replacement of Neymar, who at that time left for PSG. However, things were far from perfect for the French player at Barcelona. Still, people can continue to bet football – for this team and many others.

It seems that Dembele’s time at Barcelona will come to an end sooner rather than later. This is because the player’s contract will run out during the middle of 2022. When that happens, he will be able to leave the Catalonian team for no cost at all. However, there are already a few teams thinking about having him on their ranks. One of these examples is Newcastle United. After they were taken over by the Saudi Royal Family, lots of things have been discussed about the Magpies, and they might be thinking of Dembele as a new player. 1xBet – bet football site will continue to be an excellent destination to bet on all things related to football.