Court hearing of members of Rwigara family adjourned

By Frank Steve Ruta

Today on 6th October 2017, Adeline, Anne and Diane Rwigara appeared before the low Court of Nyarugenge.

The hearing was immediately adjourned because they had requested to be given time to meet their lawyer to prepare.

Diane and Anne Rwigara in The Court, Friday October 06 2017

Furthermore, their lawyer Mr Pierre Buhuru was not informed about today hearing and he had another court hearing scheduled today.

The persecution admitted that accused have the right to consult their lawyer prior to the hearing.

The hearing was adjourned until Monday 9th October 2017.

Adeline Rwigara

Rwandan authorities have charged, the three with inciting insurrection. Diane is also charged with forgery, Adeline Rwigara is also charged with discrimination and sectarian practices.