Diane Rwigara in the Court this Friday

By Frank Steven Ruta

According to the Rwandan Prosecution, the Intermediate Court of NYARUGENGE will hear the case of RWIGARA Dianne, RWIGARA Adeline and RWIGARA Anne this Friday 6th September 2017.

The Court will examine the serious grounds justifying provisional detention of the suspects said the Prosecution in a tweet on Thursday, 5th September 2017.

Diane Rwigara attempted to run for President of Rwanda but was thwarted by Paul Kagame and his political party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). In her attempt to run for president of Rwanda, she was critical of the leadership of Paul Kagame, however apparently too critical. She was disqualified from running based on dubious charges related to the number of signatures she collected.

The Rwigaras have been in detention since Saturday, September 23, 2017, Diane for alleged offences against state security. Diane’s mother and sister were also detained on tax evasion charges, while she is also being charged with forgery.

The Prosecution has charged Adeline Rwigara, Diane Rwigara, and Anne Rwigara with “public incitement” among the population this monday.

The term “insurrection” is ordinarily defined by a dictionary as a “violent action that is taken by a large group of people against the rulers of their country, usually in order to remove them from office.”

How could a mother carrying a bible and her two daughters seek to violently remove an armed dictator from office?

You may recall that initially, the regime had claimed the family was being investigated for “tax evasion.” This now seems to have been forgotten by the Prosecution.