It is with dismay we are strongly opposing the said UN military operation against hundreds of thousands of Hutus refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to be taken on 2nd January 2015. With the support of the United States of America (USA) to RPF (Rwanda Patriotic Front) criminal machine since 1990s up to now, Rwandan regime led by super-criminal dictator Paul Kagame has recently again threatened and pledged to continue the systematic extermination of Hutus refugees languishing in the forests of DR Congo as well as Congolese people by crossing the borders of DRC.

The USA through their mouthpiece Russell D. Feingold, the USA special envoy for the Great Lakes Region and Central Africa has again drilled into the media that the failure for FDLR (Forces Democratique pour la Liberation du Rwanda) Hutus refugees to disarm will result in its extermination by the United Nations military mission in DRC, MONUSCO. For all these reasons, Coalition of Rwandan political parties (CPC) hereby state the following:

– FDLR has never failed to lay down its weapons for peaceful and political struggle; it is still demanding negotiation with Rwandan criminal regime for dignified repatriation of hundreds of thousands of refugees it protected from extermination. And UN, USA and the world in general should pressurize Rwandan regime to come to peaceful table with its opponents instead of calling to massacre refugees.

– We strongly condemn the United Nations to perpetually cover and back up the criminal dictatorial regime of Kigali and allow the continuation of systematic massacres of the Hutus refugees in DRC.

– If UN continues to act cowardly this way by threatening to kill refugees it is supposed to protect instead supports criminal dictators, it is a gang related and controlled institution which must be dissolved.

– We reiterate our call to African Union, SADC,ICGLR… and all other real leaders, freedom fighters and peacemakers worldwide to come together to take this long humanity crisis of great lakes region as their matter because it needs to be resolved peacefully but not martially.

– We strongly call all Rwandans and Congolese people as well as fellow Africans to stand for their unity and denounce any kind of imperialism because it has always shown lack of the basics of human rights protection but the killing machine.

– We strongly support FDLR as a member of CPC through FCLR – Ubumwe (Front Commun pour la Liberation du Rwanda) and hundreds of thousands of refugees it has protected from extermination for over two decades for its peaceful struggle by demanding political dialogue with Rwandan regime. CPC promises to always stand with it and all Rwandan refugees no matter what plight situation. If it means to die we will die together fighting for our human dignity and inalienable fundamental human rights deprived by RPF criminal dictatorial regime but at the same time stay strong because we are not to die but to live, our cause is supported by Almighty God.

Our message is simple as this; all we want is democracy, peace, human dignity, freedom, justice and unity in our country as well as in the region and everyone knows what it requires to achieve this; simply peaceful political dialogue. We need world’s support because we think from all corners of our world no enemy of the above inalienable human rights. Support us, support our cause and let us together put an end to the horrible tragedy that cost around ten millions of lives in great lakes region within around two decades and the perpetrators are still wandering around the world plotting to kill more with the green light of the so-called UN and USA.

CPC wishes all Rwandans especially the refugees languishing in the jungle of DRC, a happy new year 2015. Let it be a year to stand for our rights and uphold our human dignity.

Done on 31st December 2014

For CPC,


General Secretary of CPC