Criticized by Kagame, Denis Mukwege replies: “For me, it is useless to dwell on someone who denies the undoubted evidence”

Denis Mukwege

By Ben Barugahare

It is in these terms that the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Denis Mukwege answered the question of a provincial deputy about the words of the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, who had indicated on two French media that the gynecologist ” was a tool of invisible forces ”, he was“ told what to say ”. He responded this Wednesday, June 2, 2021 during his presentation to the Provincial Assembly of South Kivu on the theme “Sexual violence used as a weapon of war and the level of advocacy of the Mapping Report”.

“My plea seeks the truth, we fight for truth and justice. And I believe that someone who thinks he is in truth and righteousness can only accept impartial justice. But if you refuse truth and justice, it is because somewhere you have things that you hide or blame yourself and that is not my responsibility. I think in my plea the truth has to come out. Let us know who did what, what happened and that he can justify himself, not before Doctor Mukwege, but before a competent court, ”Denis Mukwege explained to the elected provincials of South Kivu.

For the Nobel Peace Prize, Paul Kagame can only make negationist remarks, but the most important according to him is “what we, we say”, he said, before adding “go to all these countries, dare to have a negationist expression in relation to what happened in them, we will not find you alive. But when we commit negationism in our country, it appears as if it ‘was normal. In politics, there are no friends, there are only interests “.

As a reminder, Denis Mukwege advocates for the establishment of an international criminal tribunal on crimes committed in the east of the country and listed in the Mapping Report published by the UN in 2010, but never implemented. Among the perpetrators of said abuses, there are the Rwandan soldiers. Charges overall rejected by the Rwandan president. For him, this report is “politicized”.