Rwandan activist Aimable Karasira will be charged of illicit enrichment

By Arnold Gakuba

Kigali, June 5, 2021 – According to local journalists and confirmed by various sources, the charges against Aimable Karasira will be increased. 

The Rwandan Investigation Bureau (RIB) claims to have found activist Aimable Karasira with a large sum of money from unknown source and that he would be charged of “Illicit enrichment”.

The information was also confirmed by RIB’s spokesperson Dr Thierry Murangira who added that this new charge will be added to the case for submission to the prosecution on Monday, June 7, 2021. I would like to remind you that Aimable Karasira when he was arrested RIB announced that he would be prosecuted. : the crime of denying and justifying the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and the crime of inciting divisionism.

Dr Thierry Murangira told some journalists working in Rwanda that during the search for Karasira’s house they found more than 10,000 US dollars ($ 10,981), 520 euros (520 euros), and more than 3 million Rwandan francs (Rwf3,142,000). on his mobile phone for 11 million (Rwf11,000,000 in Mobile Money), that there is also a lot of other money in most of the accounts in the bank that is still under investigation.

According to a preliminary investigation by the RIB, a large amount of the money came from people outside the country who were collecting money and sending it to him, the RIB said, adding that the senders of the money were grouped together to oppose the Rwandan government. by belittling the Genocide against the Tutsi. A spokesman for the RIB said: “We know that these people are out there collecting money and giving it to people like Karasira and others and telling them what to say in order to create chaos and cause the population to revolt. This money comes from crime. ”

Dr Thierry Murangira also said that Karasira was in good health and did not have any health problems and that he was receiving all medical assistance or other health issues so that he could not show any special health problems. Karasira is also said to be strong without any mental or emotional problems.

A spokesman for the RIB said he had taken the opportunity to punish all those who use social networking sites to avoid accepting money from organizations outside the country to spread information about crime. He further added that the RIB, in its investigation, found that Karasira and many other users of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and social media were accepting money and betraying the country by giving websites to users of their websites to spread anti-government information, rumors, threatening the state and tarnishing its image. and so on. According to Dr Murangira, this is aimed at disrupting government activities, disrupting the population and dividing people.

In conclusion, RIB informs the public that it will not tolerate people with such behavior as mentioned above that they will be prosecuted. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

This new offense has been added to Karasira’s allegations of non-disclosure of the origin of property referred to in Article 9 of Law N ° 54/2018 of 13/08/2018 on Anti-Corruption. The law states:

“Anyone who cannot explain the origin of the property has the same income as the legal income of the offender. If convicted by a court, he shall be sentenced to imprisonment not less than seven (7) years but not exceeding ten (10) years and a fine of three (3) to five (5) Rwandan francs. the value of the property cannot be ascertained where it has been obtained legally. ”

One of the lawyers interviewed by The Rwandan told us that this change and increase in crime has become a norm in Rwandan justice and has already been seen in many cases. He also said that the new charges against Karasira were aimed at undermining the balance between politicians and journalists working in the country by forbidding them from accepting gifts from their friends abroad, despite the fact that the RIB wanted to turn them into crimes that were not prohibited under Rwandan law. a gift.

The Rwandan was also able to ascertain that Aimable Karasira was legally defended by Me Philbert Gashagaza when questioned by the RIB on Thursday, June 3, 2021