Declaration to the Rwandan Government relating to our concerns following the arrest and detention of Mr. Aimable Uzaramba Karasira of 6 June 2021

Aimable Karasira Uzaramba

We, survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, signatories of this declaration, call on the Rwandan Government to ensure the safety of Mr. Karasira, who is currently in RIB custody in Kicukiro, Kigali.

Mr Karasira was arrested on 31 May 2021 following an intense campaign of persecution he suffered by the Rwandan Government since speaking out on the annihilation of his family during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. We call on the Rwandan Government to provide him with all the rights and liberties bestowed to him by the law including the right to life and rights pertaining to pre-trial detention such as the presumption of innocence as well as the right to be represented by a lawyer of his choice.

In a letter to foreign governments, human rights organizations as well as the media with copy to the Rwandan Government on 17 August 2020, a letter that had for title “Statement on gross human rights violations against Tutsi genocide survivors”, 37 survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi expressed their concerns about persecution against Mr. Karasira. They demonstrated a clear pattern of events and similarities between Karasira’s persecution with that suffered by other survivors who subsequently lost their lives while in the hands of the Government’s security services. Among the many cases, we will cite the following three: Mr. Assinapol Rwigara was assassinated on 4 February 2015; Dr. Emmanuel Gasakure was shot dead by a police officer on 25 February 2015 while in a police cell and Mr. Kizito Mihigo was also assassinated in a police cell on 17 February 2020. There are also others, who were not genocide survivors against the Tutsi but were murdered or reported missing when they too were in the hands of the Government’s security services.

Among the most recurring signs that precede and/or follow assassinations of survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi since 1994, many have already manifested with Mr. Karasira’s persecution. We can quote, among others: wrongful allegations established against him by different entities including government officials and leaders of the RPF (Rwandese Patriotic Front), the ruling party; unlawful dismissal from work; defamation propaganda in media outlets close to the Government; constant harassment by security services; social isolation accompanied by intimidation towards anyone trying to get close to him, etc.

For all these reasons mentioned above, we express our concerns about Mr. Karasira’s security while in the hands of Rwandan Government security services. We therefore insistently request that Mr. Karasira’s safety to life be well preserved and that all his legal rights, both during investigations and trial proceedings, if there is to be a trial, be respected.

Respectfully yours,


1. Basabose Philippe, Canada 2. Bayingana Jovin, USA
3. Dusenge Ada, Canada
4. Gasirabo Dada, Canada

5. Gwiza Tabitha, Canada
6. Kagabo Mireille, Canada
7. Kageruka Bonaventure, South Africa 8. Kayijuka Emérance, Canada
9. Kayisire Clarisse, Canada
10. Mukarugagi Matiboli Alvera, Belgium 11. Muhayimana Jason, Belgium
12. Mukeshimana Séraphine, Belgium 13. Munanayire Emmelyne, Belgium
14. Murwanashyaka Théogène, Spain
15. Murorunkwere Agnes, Canada
16. Ndwaniye Siméon, Canada
17. Niyibizi Hosea, Canada
18. Nkubana Louis, Canada
19. Ntagara Jean Paul, Canada
20. Rugambage Louis, Netherlands
21. Rugambwa Teddy, United Kingdom 22. Rutagengwa Emile, South Africa
23. Rutayisire Angélique, Belgium
24. Sherti Epimaque, Belgium
25. Umutoni Josiane, Belgium
26. Utamuliza Eugénie, Canada
27. Uwase Priscilla, USA
28. Uwigabye Prisca, USA