Denouncing opportunistic and ethnic politics enshrined in the New RNC declaration of Hutu Genocide

Dear Rudasingwa, Musonera, and Ngarambe,

What is the real motive behind your declaration of “Hutu Genocide”? Is Justice for Hutus your true motive or is their followership and ultimately their money your real motive?

If you claim Justice to be your motive, what took you so long to make that stance? Why have you been associating and working for and with the masterminds of the Genocide that you now condemn, especially Kayumba Nyamwasa? Not long ago when you were still working with Nyamwasa you were using a very different language; what epiphany did you have in the last two months for the sudden change of heart and language?

Rwandans are used to the regime having turned their tragedy of Genocide into a commercial business and a political blackmail; and now you are also adding salt to injury as you seem to be selling “Genocide” for membership enrollment in your political party!?

Ethnic politics has caused more than enough strife and horrors among Rwandans and should have no place in a post-Kagame Rwanda; therefore please cease and desist from playing such dangerous games.

Martin Ntiyamira