Discover how we count millions of Rwandans who wish for a constitutional amendment!

Rwandans do have many talents that you might never find somewhere else; this is one of the reason why most of the times, Rwandans reach on various goals which seem to be difficult for developed countries to reach. Herein, I am going to explain to you how we count certain votes, balance rates and/or outlays that we would want feed to donors and to the international community in its entire.

Maybe for the last couple of weeks ago, you might have heard about Millions of Rwandans who have been tirelessly circulating the parliament in order to give their wishes and/or of those they represent to the members of parliament asking the amendment of the constitution stressing on article 101 that would allow President Kagame to run for a 3rd term. The current Rwandan constitution allows only 2 terms with 7 years each for any president to stay in presidency office.

This is the reason why, for this to be amended it has under special circumstances but Article 101 of the constitution is not due to any amendments at under any circumstances as it was explained for a couple of times by experts in law and as article 101 stipulates it:

‘The President of the Republic is elected for a term of seven years renewable only once.  Under no circumstances shall a person hold the office of President of Republic for more than two terms. However, rather than pretending finding legally bind special circumstances that would allow amendments to the constitution, the government is more concerned by presenting the number of Millions of Rwandans who wish amendments to the above article that would lift presidential term limits.

Though, many of those who are learning about these numbers are continuously being surprised by a high number of those who demand amendments to the constitution, mostly by the rate of President Kagame’s dictatorship, is like they never really knew how much power does this genuine leader has. Here, they do forget that He has reached where He is today by creating associations. Many would remember that, after getting on power; He invested much of His power in creating these associations as one way of fight poverty, something that attracted a lot people but due to the mismanagement; some where lucky but many were unlucky as the main aim was to promote His agenda, gain more money for the people and control the life everyone who would not like to join.

However, the reason why I brought in these associations issue, is because it is the core element that this dictator Kagame used to win over Rwandans and the International community, as beside gaining a lot money from COPEC that went into liquidation because of loss, it was the same happening within many associations throughout the country without forgetting governmental institutions. At this point He has a lot of experience because RPF gave him a good example on how to do that.

Coming back to the main reason, let me try to explain to you how the number of people is collected: Many of you do remember “One Dollar Campaign”. The way it was being than and for it to reach to its goals it was demanded for everyone to contribute more that $1, as the people have been giving $1 many different times, but how?

This started at cells sub-sectors known as Imidugudu, the money was being collected by local leaders at each sub-sectors; in need of permits, the sectors executive had to ask for that money; and what was $1 becomes $2; in case of workers, the boss had to ask that money; in case of RPF members, RPF had to ask that money; In case choir members, had to be the same way; In case of workers and students at the same time, RPF at school had to ask the money, the class had to ask the money; for those in leadership, had to give the money as a leader; In case of shop owners, had to give the money; and for those who were unlucky to seem like they have money, different categories were created to demand this same money; for being a party of the catholic community or a praying community as RPF and the government seed a consequential competition among them; and this was the same for those who were wealthy in the mentioned category.

If you have been following closely, this is the same that was used in establishing lists of those who wish amendments to the constitution. If I am a Rwandan inside the country, that is one vote; In case I would be in RPF or other political party, that is the second vote; In case I am a farmer (indeed almost almost all Rwandans are farmers), have a coffee plantation and on the other side beans, I will be counted for both; So, if you have been following, how many votes so far for just one individual? The answer would be 5 votes, means it is me appearing on 5 lists.  If I have job, I will again appear on workers lists, come on the lists of leader if I am position of leadership; and sign again on member lists of certain organization; this would make it it possible for to appear on 100 lists depending how I am involved in the community.

This is how we reach on Millions of Rwandans that wish for amendments to the constitution, as this demands to subscribe either you can read or write or not it doesn’t matter as the competition has already started if you don’t appear the will put on the list; if you refuse to comply, you saffer the consequences. This is how it happened during presidential elections where Kagame found himself with votes that goes beyond the registered number of voters; thereafter, this raised many issues while we have been counting down votes; after seeming to be unexplainable, we came up with a technique of using unrealistic probability and decide to give Him 90% plus something…

If it was possible to control those lists; to discover these would be very easy as you might find where one person appears on more than 10 lists, while the number of ID for an individual can’t be more 1, even if individuals would have the same names; all of these have been made up, and I do confirm without doubts that these development goals achievements should be the ones to spread to the international community that is still fighting in bring forward the idea of being presented a number of those who want either to do this or that.

In concluding, I would like to remind those who are in positions of leadership that Rwanda is at dark point, we are still believing that our lack of integrity is our way of being transparent. On the Kagame kingdom, Rwandans have reached their goals on becoming naive; this will be Kagame’s legacy as the president who led the entire country into darkness; where those who are educated become the uneducated; people have become tourist in their own country; what was once the brain has been taken over by the stomach; integrity has become a sin; at the point that we can no longer realize what would be our priorities in raising what might be changed, like challenging illegal detentions, unexplained deaths that should be brought to light, deaths caused by fatal overdose due to depression, the high rate of unemployment, and many other thing… Even if we can’t change it to day, but we should at least express own point of view for the dictator Kagame to see that we have not all become naive and lose our moral values as he thinks.

Our struggle has an end, Only the truth will conquer!