By Gakwerere

It would only be a naive person or a person who don’t know the workings of DMI and criminal Paul Kagame who would think that DMI operatives in Uganda have been defeated. In the villages and districts outside Kampala, DMI’s infrastructure is still intact and operational.

Those who are suspected of having divergent views to criminal Paul Kagame are being intimidated, threatened and kidnapped, on daily basis. With poverty in Uganda and availability of DMI dollars, DMI won’t fail to get evil individuals who are willing to collaborate with them.

Just this week, in Kakumiro, Mbarara, Kabale, Kisolo and Ntungamo districts, there have been anonymous letters/notes being sent by kagame’s agents throwing inside the houses of those they suspect of supporting the renegade General, Kayumba Nyamwasa and his Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

These are harassing and threatening notes/letters with death threats and intimidation. In case of Kakumiro, the harassments and intimidations are being headed by DMI agents safari Abdul, Safari John and Nuwamanya Abdul with the support of the corrupted local police.

These letters/notes are all written in Kinyarwanda and mainly targeting Tutsi individuals or families whom they suspect to not support criminal Paul Kagame. Below, I have shared one of the note.

In the meeting held on the 27th/06/28, a meeting that involved well selected senior RPF figures and four senior Kagamist security officers ( IGP Emmanuel Gasana known as Rurayi, Gen Dan Munyuza, Gen Francis Mutiganda and Gen Ruhunga jannot.) These security officers reminded these senior RPF figures that president Museveni and Peter Nkurunziza are enemies of Rwanda who don’t wish any good thing for Rwanda especially the RPF led government.

Gen Dan Munyuza who is the head of Burundi desk, told these selected RPF figures that, they shouldn’t get worried and in case of Burundi the issue will be settled very soon. And then, the focus will be put on repaying those haters in Uganda. In his words, Gen Dan Munyuza noted, “Burundi is disorganised, since 2015, we have been building remedies to cure them and we are on the course. It’s a matter of time.” On DR Congo, the generals told the cream of the cream within RPF party that, “although they may have problems with us as Gen James Kabarebe told them in other earlier meeting, Kabila is overwhelmed and preoccupied with internal problems.”

The security chiefs advised them against investing in Uganda and advised those who have investments there to start withdrawing. The head of external intelligence – Gen Francis Mutiganda noted, “soon, those investing or doing business in Uganda will have to be getting permission from Dan Munyuza’s office.” “We need to know what people are doing there and Gen James Kabarebe’s speech on scavenging in Uganda was aiming at that. But pretty soon, we shall sort those people out.”

Today 8th/07/18 , as I post this, the RPF political bureau will be having an urgent meeting to be held at their Headquarter in Rusororo, Kigali – Rwanda.