Rwanda: Brig. Gen. Rugumya Gacinya thrown out!

Brig. Gen Rugumya Gacinya

By Gakwerere

The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has for the sixth time organised a send-off ceremony to honour the service of 816 personnel who have reached retirement age or whose service contracts have come to an end.

During the 2018 retirement phase, a total of 816 service personnel including 372 career Officers and Other Ranks retired and 395 military personnel concluded their service contracts with the RDF, while 49 others have been discharged on medical grounds.

In his speech at the send-off ceremony held at RDF Headquarters Senior Officers Mess on 6 July, Gen James Kabarebe, Minister of Defence, praised the retirees for their personal sacrifices, service rendered and contribution to the country.

“You have all contributed to the development of Rwanda personally and collectively at various stages, thank you for your bravery and commitment to the development of Rwanda, a nation that we are pride of, you have helped our Army to grow professionally, thank you for your invaluable contribution” said Gen Kabarebe before adding that “retirement is a normal phase in a professional army. I urge you to remain loyal to RDF ethics and values in your new life”.

On behalf of the retirees, Major General (Retired) Jerome Ngendahimana expressed appreciation to the Commander-in-Chief and the entire RDF community for good leadership and inclusive government that enables equal participation of all citizens to national development including the former FDLR like him.

“It’s not common to see a government appealing its opponents to be part of the system and build together their nation. I myself standing in front of you, I am a witness of that good leadership that promote unity and reconciliation”.

“I personally will never forget how in 2003, you helped my wife to approach me where I was hiding in the bushes of Congo, she even mobilized others to repatriate separately. The advices she gave us convinced us to repatriate in big number, we were welcomed and integrated, thank you”.

Maj Gen (Rtd) Ngendahimana and other ex-FDLR Commander Maj Gen (Rtd) Paul Rwarakabije, along with dozens of soldiers surrendered to Rwanda Defence Force in 2003. He was integrated into RDF in 2003 where he served in different capacities and became Deputy RDF Reserve Force Chief of Staff since April 2010.

“I take this opportunity to call upon those who are still in the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) and Rwanda National Congress dreaming of destabilizing Rwanda to cease dreaming because they can’t… they should instead repatriate and work together with others to develop our nation”.

Prominent among the senior officers thrown out, it’s the master of human torture Brig. Gen. Rugumya Gacinya. All oppressed Rwandans know Brig. Gen. Rugumya Gacinya, he is a celebrity in the field of human suffering and all kinds of human rights abuses. With criminal Paul Kagame, when your usefulness is done, your dumped and now, Brig Gacinya et al. have become excesses within Kagame’s militia, thus the exit door.

And in case you know a lot of his secrets, he will give you a one way ticket to the graveyard or left a live under surveillance in Rwanda’s open prison with no rights of movement ( a topic of another day.)

Also thrown, Brig Gen Augustin KASHAIJA, Brig Gen Rugumya GACINYA, Col Geoffrey KABAGAMBE, Col Zuberi MUVUNYI, Lt Col Francis MUNYANKINDI, Lt Col Edmond MUKIMBIRI, Lt Col Ernest HABIMANA, Lt Col Athanase KALISA, Lt Col Sam RUTAYISIRE, Lt Col Alexis IBAMBASI and Lt Col Karuranga GATETE among others.