By Gakwerere

Today, we walk up to the usual P.R stunt courtesy of criminal Paul Kagame. This high proficiency P.R stunt was about a Volkswagen assembly plant in Nasoro, Gasabo district.

Dear oppressed Rwandans, the plant hasn’t opened or started operating. Today it was merely the opening of the site, as usual, Criminal Paul Kagame’s P.R stunt presented to the media a picture as if the plant is operational. To gullible on lookers, especially those outside the oppressed nation, they easily bought the Public Relations stunt.

Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda hasn’t even started recruiting staffs both casual labourers or operational managers. The plant hasn’t even started building assembling plant lines. No single machinery is in the warehouse which was opened today.

Even the 6 personnel who came for assembling demonstration are Kenyans who travelled from Volkswagen assembling plant in Kenya which started in 2017. This means no single human capital in Rwanda to man these lines, that is if they ever build the assembly lines. Training is required for the would be recruits.

From the photos below, the Car Assembly line is too generic. Why is there very little information of what’s added to VW cars from Rwanda? Why do you have pictures of finished car and VW office space without pictures of ” inside the assembly plant”?

By the way, even the white Volkswagen Passat pictured below was transported from Volkswagen South Africa to be used as a demonstration car in the little showroom as shown in the picture below.

This is because the assembling lines haven’t been built, it’s still an empty warehouse with one demonstration equipment that recently arrived in the country from Volkswagen South Africa.

I hope what you call car assembling is not mere “polishing” or warehouse.

Isn’t VW trying to dump their cars, that were banned in Europe and US for failure to meet EU and US gas emission?

Who did due deligence of VW? Was the fact that VW has been involved in many cortiption scandals and coirt cases ever considere?

Who supervises VW to make sure VW is not sneaking their dangerous cars into Rwanda?

VW is probably the most corrupt car manufacturing company. I get concerned that VW/Kagame, two very corrupt entities are partners, in a country where there are no independent institutions.

Honestly, why doesn’t VW lead the public through their assembly plant? The size of the plant and the machninery therein would give us an idea of how much value is added to VW car from Rwanda, right? This are questions that you ought to ask yourself, especially those who don’t know criminal Paul Kagame’s PR stunt.

Why was VW quick to sign a contract to operate taxis in Kigali, a clear monopoly they are set to grab at the expense of local taxi owners and operators? Who gave that dangerous monopoly to VW and why?