VW will only add political points to Kagame but nothing to the Rwanda’s economy and the people.

By Titus Seruga

The only achievement I can Count is if they discovered how to turn women squirt into oil, this is more sustainable than get A car plant in Rwanda. Am not joking.

Who is going to buy these cars?

You would think that the investors are targets government institutions, Ministers and MPs in Uganda, the Uganda Middle class population, Tanzanians are known to spend less on luxury a VW is considered Luxury in Africa. What Kagame is not telling his Investors is that his neighbors are not his friends and all of them, there it’s not good business to count on them.

If the above is true or close to being true then this plant is destined to take the same path as that if Rwanda Air. You cannot count on Ugandans to purchase your goods while you are promoting crime in their country, if this is the reason a law to ban old cars was pushed into the Ugandan system then it will still backfire.

VW doesn’t manufacture cars below 20,000 USD, The is around 50m UGX considering our terrain these cars are not built for Uganda, factors remaining constant.

Kenya already has more than four plants namely KVM for Hyundai, AVA for Toyota, DT Dobie for Volkswagen and TVS Motors. Challenges in Kenya are competition from low cost second hand cars, from Dubai and Japan. The cheapest assembled vehicle in Kenya goes for 6000 USD, how many Ugandans can afford such a car without tax?

This Plant will only add political points to Pilato(Kagame) but nothing to the Rwanda’s economy and the people.

As Usual Ugandans are quick to praise without looking at the practicability of the project, just like they were quick to praise Rwanda in Rwanda Air ask them how much has the Rwanda Air cost them in Tax Payers money? Every year the Airline is reporting loses and continues to get bailouts from the Tax Payer eventually it will break down. Who was this airline targeting? How could it achieve its targets with such hostility and poor customer service, with stories of people being arrested in the airline for simply calling Kagame a dictator in the plane.

How will Rwanda prosper if all its neighbors are negative about its foreign policy of wanting to control business in other countries, Tanzania has issues silently, Burundi is so bitter, Uganda is almost pulling a plug, Congo rightly claims Rwanda continues to illegally occupy its land and steals from them. Who around Rwanda is friendly if they can conspire to destroy their own father The King of Wakanda.

How are we sure these cars won’t have spying devices in them, or won’t be used to track us for assassinations?

Tell me how many new cars have originated from Kenya to Uganda since Kenya started assembling? You will be shocked at the answer.

Kagame is like these village kids that used to come telling us the bought a tv yet they can’t put on shoes to school.