Enough’s approach to peace and security in the Great Lakes region lacks on how to tackle the internal problem of Rwanda and the connected challenge of FDLR. Why is Enough pushing for peace talks with M23 while advocating for neutralization of FDLR? I guess the founders of Enough ( Gayle and John) are very much aware of the dangerous situation inside Rwanda and its relationship to FDLR in DRC. It is time to be honest about how to contain and neutralize President Kagame’s dictatorial ambitions, rather than pretending that neutralizing FDLR will discourage his war effort in DRC. In short, what Enough is pushing for will not work, just as the peace talks in Kampala will not work, unless and until Kagame talks to his political and armed opponents ( including FDLR). Short of that, the Great Lakes region is nearer to another cataclysmic explosion with far reaching humanitarian consequences. When ( not if) that time comes due to lack of appropriate and timely response to the crisis, nobody, including Enough, should claim they did not know before hand. The writing is on the wall!

Theogene Rudasingwa,
Washington DC.
[email protected]