Facts about Discrimination Against International Students

Is it really happening now? In the 21st century? That’s really unbelievable. But wait. Let’s talk about it taking into account the facts and numbers. 

It may be shocking for a lot of people but the truth is that there are a lot of things that prove racism is still a part of society. And it all starts with colleges and universities where students treat international students with disrespect and jokes behind their backs.  

And it’s not just empty talk. SmartWritingService.com essay writing company with its professional team of experienced academic writers did some research and collected some facts to prove that. So, here are the facts that prove discrimination against international students. 

  • The investigation made by The Guardian in 2019 revealed over 916 complaints of racism in the Universities of the UK. That’s really astonishing.  And that’s only the cases that were recorded by the staff of the Universities. This means in fact there are even more cases that we don’t even know about. Only 75 universities replied that they have a system that allows them to accept this kind of a complaint. Other universities don’t even have it. 
  • Over 20 universities didn’t agree to give information about discrimination against international students. 
  • over 36 universities reported only vague figures. So it means these numbers were underestimated. Indeed, they are bigger than those collected by the Guardian. Hundreds of more cases are never even talked about. It seems that not so many people actually care about this. So perhaps, unfortunately, for many students and staff it’s a usual way how they treat international students. 
  • Politicians have accused the British Universities of not putting enough effort into resolving these issues. 
  • Here’s an in-depth research on Discrimination Against International Students in the United States made by Giovanni Consolino from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 
  • This article states that over 33% of international students in the USA experience discrimination based on their race. That’s one of the reasons why there is a steep decline of international students that want to apply for US universities. That’s a little bit shocking…  

The problem is here. We do need to understand it and try to solve it in a smart way to avoid violence and other measures. 

A Story by Sam Phan 

Now, you see a clear picture of what is happening in the top countries like the USA and the UK. And it’s happening in the 21st century. 

The truth is that a lot of things should be done to change the current situation. To understand this issue even better, you may want to read this story by Sam Phan

He says that it’s quite a common thing to hear jokes here and there about how slow the international students are slow or how terrible their English is. 

The thing is that those who make these jokes don’t necessarily initially intend them to be racism-based. They rather want to humiliate others to show how great they are in contrast.  However, it’s not the best thing to do if you want to show how cool you are. 

Isn’t it better to do something really useful and great for society instead? Though in the majority of cases all great people are very humble. And even if they do something really important for society, they never boast about that. 

Is There Any Solution to This? Just Some Ideas to Consider

So, perhaps we need to look for the root of the evil in the educational system itself, in values that it cultivates in people. That’s how people are raised and taught, aren’t they? 

That’s not the way they were born, right?

And here comes to mind a great hit “Another Brick in the Wall” by the legendary Pink Floyd. It’s still relevant to what’s happening now. So, speaking metaphorically we do need the Wind of Change. Another great hit by Scorpions, by the way. 

So, it all starts with education. Then it spreads over and over and gets into other aspects of life. For example, the same stuff is happening in social media. Especially, young people spend a lot of time there cutting jokes here and there about their international peers. 

So, one of the solutions to this can be to change the way they perceive international students by educating them better on these things. 


All these facts are food for thought. They are shocking. The one thing is clear. Society does have this problem now, 57 years after Martin Luther King made his famous speech “I have a dream”.  Let’s have a dream that this will be resolved in the upcoming years as soon as possible. Can we have a dream like this? 

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