Finding Jobs And Building Career After Covid-19


The novel COVID-19 has shaken the world and caused lots of trouble. Countries are under lockdowns and quarantines, people are afraid to communicate in person, and everything is just bizarre. One of the most severe desolations caused by this virus refers to the labor market. After all, millions have been and continue to be laid off because companies cannot handle the quarantine. 

This situation has led large numbers of people to seek jobs, and this trend is highly likely to stay after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why it is important to know some tips on how to make yourself stand out among other people when looking for a job and building a career. After all, the competition also works for the labor market.

Assessment is the key

First of all, when thinking of finding a job and building a career in the post-COVID-19 era, people should consider assessing the situation on the labor market. After all, all the disaster caused by the virus has led lots of companies to a decision to adopt alternative ways of working with their employees. Remote employment and highly tightened working conditions are especially popular among those. 

This is a very important step as it can clearly show you the situation, and you won’t waste any time trying to fit in where it is impossible. So, assessment is the key and a first step to realizing where you should move with employment and potential career. Planning one’s career has to begin somewhere. So, getting to know what’s going on in the labor market and assessing one’s skills is the first step. If you’re feeling lost, try making a mind map.

Create your perfect resume

Remember one thing – a well-crafted resume can become a difference between getting an interview and being totally ignored. The thing is quite simple as recruiters are usually swarmed by potential candidates for a job and just dismiss generic-looking resumes and put it on a “never visited again” shelf. This might sadden some people, but that’s a reality for sure. There is a simple rule – a resume has to show that you are a perfect candidate for a job. Achieving this effect might be troublesome for people who don’t know about how to craft a resume, but it’s actually quite simple; if you don’t feel sure of your skills, visit Free Essay Writers to find help and inspiration. 

First of all, a resume has to contain all of your previous job experiences. This is a no-brainer, but the way you formulate it matters. Instead of basically listing your responsibilities during a job, try thinking of highlighting your accomplishments. This way, you will be able to positively distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Secondly, avoid using some archaic bright fonts and stuff. Keeping a resume professional is key, so classic and minimalistic approach works almost every time! This is a very important moment because resumes that are way too flashy are usually giving the impression that their author is only a bright shell of a professional. So, try to keep it calm.

Thirdly, your resume should be kind of brief. Anything that’s longer than one page is usually just ignored by recruiters as they don’t have time to read some essay. To avoid this, try keeping it brief and provide only the crucial information that includes:

  • Contact information;
  • Previous experience;
  • Educational background;
  • Relevant soft and hard skills;
  • Considerable achievements.

This list is simple, yet it always works. These are things that a recruiter is looking for when reading someone’s application for a job interview. Even more, mentioning these points will considerably increase the ATS-friendliness of your resume, thus increasing your chances of being noticed more.


As it is possible to see, there isn’t much different in looking for a job before and after COVID-19. However, sacrificing more time to get your thoughts together and creating a great resume is more important than ever. So, keep those tips in mind as competition is strong, so you have to do your best!


The world is devastated by COVID-19 and people worldwide are getting laid off. Here are some directions on where to begin your career path after the pandemic.