Facts About Hijabs People Need To Know

The hijab is often misinterpreted and misunderstood in mass media and society. 

But what exactly hijabs are and why do people use them? Here are some of the things about hijab people need to know before making assumptions. 

  1. A Hijab Is More Than Just A Scarf

In opposition to popular belief, hijabs aren’t just the physical scarf that Muslim women wear over their hair. In its entirety, the hijab is a credence that as a Muslim, one should try in order to live each day in reverence of God with humility while showing devotion to the religion as one. By wearing a hijab, one will be able to show her love for Islam. Besides being a physical scarf, hijabs can also be the manner one thinks, acts, and treats other people. 

  1. Men Can Also Use Hijab

Since the predominant meaning of the hijab is to live life discreetly with God’s love, the hijab can also be used by men. While not as popular or common outside the community of Muslims, men are striving to wear the hijab every day, both mentally and physically the same as a Muslim woman. But the hijab for men focuses on covering the lower part of the body instead of the upper body or hair.

  1. Hijabs Are Available In Different Styles

Like the latest abayas found in Amanis, the latest hijabs are also available in different styles or forms such as:

  • Printed Hijab 

This style has become more and more common lately. While some prefer the simplicity of plain hijabs, others prefer printed options. Printed hijabs are worn in many parts of the world like Turkey and Iran. 

  • Sleek Silk Hijab 

This hijab is perfect to use when attending a formal event or occasion. It is timeless and looks classy at all times. To prevent it from moving around since silk is slippery and shifty, such style usually utilizes a hijab cap to pin the materials in place using pins. 

  • Turkish-Style Hijab

This style is quite trendy and famous nowadays. Some Turkish women choose a tailor-made hijab in order to give a more feminine vibe and match their outfits. Usually, it is available in plain materials or printed silky materials. Typically, a Turkish-style hijab doesn’t make lots of layers around the chest. 

  1. It Isn’t Restraining Or Oppressive 

Even though this common misconception is changing slowly, still the hijab is associated with oppression most of the time. To the majority of Muslims all over the world, there is no way why people should see hijab as restraining or oppressive. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t ever stop them from chasing their dreams, acting the way they want, marrying who they love, and dressing how they like. 

  1. Women Aren’t Forced To Use A Hijab 

Some women opt not to use the hijab since it is their county’s national tradition or because it’s a norm in their country, local area, or city. Others choose to wear it to show their commitment to dressing discreetly as well as for religious reasons. 

Like any other garments, some women use the hijab for certain occasions like community events or family gatherings, or during certain times of the day but remove it at other periods like wearing the hijab from and to work and school but removing it while working or studying. 

There is just a small minority claiming that they are forced to use the hijab. But a lot of studies that Muslim women opt to wear the hijab to show agency, power, and self-control. 

Besides the above-mentioned, there are other facts that people need to know about hijabs. So, before making any assumption make sure to learn more about a certain thing to avoid promoting fake information, after all, the hijab is not just an ordinary thing, as there are lots of meanings and stories behind it.