What Makes a High-Quality Weed Vaporizer? 

There’s much talk about vaping weed these days, so what’s it all about? Cannabis has been legalized in many states of the USA for recreational use – some even allow you to grow a few plants in the home – and vaping is fast becoming the method of choice for cannabis users. Safer than smoking thanks to the absence of a flame, vaping is performed using a device known as a weed vaporizer or a vape pen. What makes a quality weed vaporizer? That’s what the following article is about. Let’s star by looking at one of the most important features of a good weed pen. 

Variable Voltage

If you want to vape weed as dry herbs we strongly advise you look for a vape pen with a variable voltage feature. Here’s how it works: the vape pen is a device that has an outer case on which the controls are placed for ease of use. Inside is a container or cartridge into which the weed is placed. This is heated by a coil or atomizer which is powered by a battery.

The difference between smoking and vaping weed is that the cannabis does not reach combustion point. Instead, it atomizes at a point just below that and creates a cloud of vapor. Now, different temperatures can influence the flavor and the strength of the vape cloud. Having a variable voltage control means you can find a setting that suits your personal taste.

Long Life Battery

A battery will need recharging every now and again, and if you are a regular user You will want to have a battery that does not run out quickly. Many people carry a spare – they simply unscrew for replacement – but you should look for a battery with at least 1100mAh or more. This will give you more than a day’s vaping for a regular user, and many offer more powerful batteries. Also check the recharge time as that can have an impact on your usage.  

Quality Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is one part of the weed vaporizer that you need to be of the highest quality. The vape cloud will pass from within the device through the mouthpiece, hence it can influence the flavor and quality of your hit. Many of the better quality vape pens feature a glass mouthpiece. This is a material that delivers consistent results and is also easy to clean and maintain.

Also look for newer models with advanced airflow. These help the quality of the cloud as they allow for uninterrupted flow through the system into the mouth, and then to the lungs. Some of the more advanced models also include a water filter feature that will add an extra purity and smoothness to the cannabis hit you are looking for. 

Improved Technology

Technology has come a long way in the vaping world in just a short time, and there are new brands and new innovations coming to the market all the time. If you keep an eye on the vaping retailers, you will see what is available and what is soon to come. There is a great deal of choice in top quality weed vaporizers, but there’s one last piece of advice we wanted to mention. 

How much you enjoy your weed depends not just on the quality of the vape device but on the quality of the cannabis you are vaping. There are many regulated growers offering a wide variety of quality-controlled strains, so we recommend that you buy from these rather than from unlicensed growers. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be in a state that allows it, get into growing your own!