Faustin Twagiramungu: Rwanda is Demon possessed and needs to be exorcised. (Interview with Ikondera Info, Part 1)

Agnes: Thanks Mr Faustin Twagiramungu for talking with Ikondera Info. Today, we will talk about three things:

-We will first talk about popular news as of today

-Second we will talk about Genocide Remembrance in Rwanda and worldwide

-Third and lastly, we will talk about politics and political parties.

I give you a warm welcome!

Faustin Twagiramungu: Thank you very much, let me tell viewers and listeners that I thank you for inviting me. I am happy to see you; I am grateful for this opportunity to reach out to my fellow Rwandans in Rwanda and elsewhere, especially those in the jungles in Congo, and also those in Europe, Americas, New Zealand, and Australia, we love them all, we are all Rwandans; our common goal is to meet in Rwanda someday!

AgnesMr. Faustin Twagiramungu, What are your thoughts about Kagame’s visit here in Belgium that is to take place between 04/02 and 04/04 of this year?

Faustin Twagiramungu: We will give Kagame the same treatment we gave him in Paris back in 2013 if I am not mistaken, we mobilized a lot of Rwandans, we were ready, political parties were ready, but I have to be honest and give credit to FDU and RNC, they put forth a lot of efforts and we went along, I am confident that Kagame’s visit…

Agnes: Excuse me, but those went to boo him not to welcome him as a President worthy of respect!

Faustin Twagiramungu: You interrupted me before I get to the point…

AgnesPlease continue

Faustin Twagiramungu: We don’t go to give him a warm welcome; we don’t participate in Rwanda day, we go to protest and to condemn his actions and we will keep on doing so. Let me stress one other thing: it is appalling that leaders of this country, leaders of other countries such as France including President Francois Hollande, show interest in Kagame. I read in newspapers that Cooperation Minister Mabille or Labille, I think that’s his name I apologize for not getting it wright the first time, met with President Kagame, on behalf of the European Union and accompanied by European Union Commissioner, they both invited Kagame over.

Protocol rules dictate that if all Head of States are to meet, Kagame must also be invited. But, they should start isolating Kagame given his bloody track record. We can name few examples out of many, the most recent being his support to M23, not to mention the Kebeho massacre, the assassination of two presidents, the mass murder of Rwandans in Congo as proven by the Mapping Report, the assassination of Karegeya, recent assassination attempts on political dissidents, even myself Kigali wants me dead! Despite those facts, Kagame gets invited over, and gets praised for developing Rwanda. What good development does if people are harassed and murdered left and right by the government? A human life is more precious than development. A development that don’t give inhabitants peace, tranquility and happiness, that don’t give hope for tomorrow for parents and their kids, that don’t guarantee an education and a better tomorrow, not mention reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis, what kind of development is that?

What good that that development does to those of us who are forced to live in exile away from Rwanda because we fear for our lives? They claim that if we go and bow to them, and worship them, then we can get some leftovers. We do not want leftovers; we need a kind of development where we are treated equally so we can contribute and benefit equally and fairly. Let me conclude by saying that inviting Kagame, receiving him with high honors, when other people with a bloody past just like Kagame are in prison, people such as Gbagbo, Charles Taylor, actually Kagame killed more people than them, even Kagame cannot contest our statements about his crimes, he knows that we speak the truth, we don’t make up stories, he can’t deny assassinating the two presidents, he personally expressed regret for not killing all Hutu refugees in Congo. He just killed his comrade in arms, someone they grew up together and worked together as spies, who later became his master spy when they took over Rwanda, seeing a murderer such as Kagame getting invited to high level meetings, seeing him standing among other Head of States is outrageous.

Some westerners are comparing Kagame to Robert Mugabe. They criticize Mugabe for not developing his country. In my opinion, Mugabe is more righteous than Kagame because he did not kill as much people as Kagame. Damn any development anywhere if it is built upon blood and bones of innocent victims. That’s my conclusion on this issue.

AgnesYou are a harsh critic of president Kagame and you claim he is a mass murderer, yet Kagame is very admired by the west and the European Union can’t get enough of him. Something is not right here. Who is right about Kagame, you or westerners?

Faustin Twagiramungu:  Why would we lie? We have no interest in making up stories about Kagame. We have told whites, the so called specialists, time and time again we have told them that there is nobody who can know what Rwandans need more than Rwandans themselves. I have sworn that I will not distort the history of my country; it needs to be told the way it happened. So, those people who invite Kagame, those people who claim to understand Rwanda’s issues better than Rwandans themselves, obviously have hidden agendas there is no doubt about that.

They say that they did not intervene in 1994, so they always get a handkerchief, wipe his tears, because people died and they failed to rescue him. What about us? We need to be consoled too. Let me say that I condemn all killers. Now, let me stress that it is outrageous that some killers are cherished and celebrated and have become famous worldwide, while other killers are hunted in Congo and elsewhere, this is unacceptable. All killers should be treated the same.

It is time to seat down and do a deep reflection on this so called international community, who they are and what they want in that region. We can’t keep on waiting for people to come and kill us, hunt us like we are a game, Rwanda is our country and we should be left alone. They don’t want us to talk. If you criticize Kagame, you are an enemy of Rwanda and you must die. Kagame said it himself on January 12, 2014 during the prayer breakfast meeting in Kigali, in front of clergy and religious leaders, these religious leaders heard him utter toxic words, inciting them to kill more, yet, they were cheering and applauding. This is outrageous. Rwanda is a possessed country and should be exorcized. People need to pray, but they need to stay away from liars who disguise themselves as religious yet work with those killers.

Robert Mugabe is more righteous  than Paul Kagame because Mugabe has not killed as many people as Kagame.

To be continued….

Source: Mpemukendamuke