FDLR and PS IMBERAKURI sat together and put on the front FCLR – UBUMWE (the Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda and the Rwandese)



– Referring to the false allegations and the terrorist activities of the Kigali Government intended to silence the opposition, considering that any opposition voice is directly accused of genocide, enemy of the country and other crimes of that kind;

– Returning to the ongoing recruitment activities of the youth to strengthen the rebels of the M23 currently refugees in Rwanda and the fact that a lot of information confirm that the Kigali Government is planning to resume fighting’s against the Congo claiming the presence of the FDLR in this country as it has always been the case since 2000 ;

– Returning to the fundamental rights of the human rights which are regularly flouted : no opposition party, no agency for the defense of the human rights or an independent press is authorized to exercise its activities officially, journalists and political leaders of the opposition parties inside and outside the country are either imprisoned, murdered, and/or persecuted ;

– Returning to the permanent injustice regularly inflicted to the population by the government especially through different discriminatory programs aimed to make the population disappear slowly by hunger or poverty (ex: the monoculture, the forced displacement of the population without expropriation, the disproportionate tax, vasectomy, discrimination in the granting of scholarships for the high schools and universities, the persecution in private entrepreneurship, etc);

– Returning particularly on discrimination linked to massacres and genocide of 1994, where up to date only the Tutsis have the right to mourn their relatives while all the Hutus are globally called genocidals. In that manner, the Kigali Government officially launched its program of apartheid hereinafter called”Ndi Umunyarwanda – I am Rwandan” which aims to push all Hutus to live in the shame by always kneeling to the Tutsis and asking them forgiveness. At the same time, the Tutsis who did not support that ideology are banned and excluded from the ruling sphere to the detriment of the Hutus of service who become the speaker of that ruling cast;

– Returning back on the terrorist acts of the violation of human rights perpetrated in Rwanda, and then exported to the Congo aiming the Rwandan refugees and the Congolese people, recital the unwavering support that the Kigali Government continues to make in the creation and support of armed groups who pursue macabre exactions against the Rwandan refugees and the Congolese population in the east of the Congo claiming it want to eradicate the FDLR; – On July 01, 2012, the parties FDLR and PS IMBERAKURI sat together and put on the front FCLR – UBUMWE (the Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda and the Rwandese) whose existence was declared February 04, 2013 at Musanze. The Front FCLR – UBUMWE aims peaceful change of power in Rwanda (cfr press release n° 001/13/COORD/FCLR-UBUMWE of February 04 2013); – In the foregoing view, and considering that since its declaration of February 2013, the free and tenacious patriots, INDATSIMBURWA (the member of the Front FCLR – UBUMWE), have initiated talks and negotiations of all edges to develop the modalities of operation. This called for the prudence and patience. Considering the current evolution, deeply dismayed by the policy of humiliation and exclusion in progress in Rwanda as erected by the criminal and dictatorial government of the RPF led by General Paul Kagame and his clique, the Front FCLR – UBUMWE found that it’s the right time to make a new step and start to work publicly. It’s the only way to reassure and free the Rwandan people from the fear so that the latter may itself become the indisputable author of rapid peaceful change in Rwanda.

To do this, the Front FCLR – UBUMWE request:

– To Rwandans and friends of Rwanda especially the United Nations (UN), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), the Southern African Development Community (SADEC), the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) to put pressure on the government in Kigali so that it accepts without condition to open the political space and guarantee the freedoms of association and expression in Rwanda. This implies the unconditional release of all political prisoners and opinion prisoners in order to prepare and to take the dialog between the Rwandan government and the political opposition so that to agree on the voice and ways of running the Rwanda under the leadership of democracy, justice and freedom.

The Rwandans need to discuss on their history. In the present case, they need to tell the truth on the contours of the massacres between the Hutus and the Tutsis in order to take all the necessary measures to build the Rwanda which respects the rules, which respects the right of everyone, which guaranty the justice and the freedom of association and expression. It is in fighting against the policy of impunity that we can build the future of Rwanda.

The Rwandans need a country where everyone is free to live in dignity, a country ensuring the security of the everybody, a country respecting the fundamental rules of democracy, a country that puts forward the peaceful coexistence with its neighbors.

– To each one, in this case the Rwandans, to understand that the objective of the ruling government of the RPF in Kigali is to subjugate the people of Rwanda and the submit to the ruling cliques after concerned of genocidal. Everyone should remember that the FDLR have been created and have taken up arms to protect the Rwandan refugees against the atrocities directed against them by the army of the RPF/RPA/RDF in the Congo. Several credibles reports such as ” DRC Mapping Exercise Report 1993 – 2003″ give details. No one can ignore that the little respite available to the people of Rwanda is that the RPF knows that the FDLR can rescue them in case of need.

– To the Rwandan politicians to join their efforts so that together we can rescue Rwandan both from inside and outside the Rwanda. The fact that the Rwandan opposition continues to be divided, the fact that the opposition continues to act each in his corner has no purpose other than strengthen the clique in power that continues to crush and denigrate its population.

– To all the Rwandans from the inside and from the outside, to understand the seriousness of the situation in Rwanda and to overcome fear, to cultivate in them the spirit of love and mutual assistance in order that together we unite our efforts to carry out this noble mission of freeing the Rwanda and the Rwandan people. In summary, the Front FCLR – UBUMWE puts forward the peaceful ways to resolve the problems of Rwanda and of the sub-region. That is why, of his own will, the FDLR have decided to desarm. But, if the international community continues to ignore his suffering, it will have no other choice than to use all means at its disposal. We are putting in front the fact that the fundamental rights must be provided to everyone by a government which respects the laws in order to avoid resorting to suicidal methods in an attempt to move out of the dictatorship and oppression of power [cfr point 3 of the preamble to the universal declaration of human rights 217A(III) of 10 December 1948]. In case of need, each one must fight to ensure its fundamental rights. In our turn, together, in freedom, fight for the Peace and Unity of Rwanda and the Rwandese people.

Done at Kigali and at Walikale, January 12, 2014


First Vice President of the PS IMBERAKURI.


Major General Victor BYIRINGIRO

ai President of the FDLR.

Walikale-DR Congo