Rwanda Defense Minister comments on Patrick Karegeya’s death

Rwanda’s Minister of Defense, Gen. James Kabarebe, reveals that insecurity suffered by people in exile is behind the murder of Patrick Karegeya, former head of foreign intelligence in Rwanda

According to the Minister of Defense, General James Kabarebe said “A citizen has value when his country ensures his security. I wonder how a normal man can dare to flee the country when the security is guaranteed to him”

Karegeya was strangled to death in a hotel room in South Africa where he was in exile since 2007.

The Minister commented on the death of Karegeya during an exchange with Rubavu resident on “Ndi Umunyarwanda”

“Don’t waste your time listening languages spread here and there that this was strangled on the 7th floor in such a country. When you have opted to live like a dog, you die like a dog and those responsible for hygiene take the corpse away to a dump to avoid bad smell. This is for those who have chosen this life. They are victims of such treatment. We cannot do anything. We’re not responsible, “he said.