FDLR deny killing Italian ambassador to DR Congo


The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda, FDLR in acronym, condemn with the last energy the cowardly assassination of the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his driver and categorically deny the declarations of the Congolese authorities who accuse them of being the author of that hideous crime before even carrying out a serious investigation on the matter.

The FDLR declare that they are in no way involved in the attack which resulted in the death of the Italian ambassador and urge the Congolese authorities and MONUSCO to shed light on the responsibilities of this despicable assassination instead of resort to hasty accusations.

According to credible sources, the ambassador’s convoy was attacked in an area known as “trois antennes” near Goma on the border with RWANDA not far from a position of the FARDC and the Rwandan soldiers of the Rwandan Defense Forces. Therefore, responsibilities of this despicable assassination lie in the ranks of these two armies and their sponsors who have forged an unnatural alliance to perpetuate the looting of eastern DRC.

The FDLR extend their condolences to the families of the deceased, to the Government and to the people of Italy, and assure them of their sympathy.

Done on February 22, 2021


Information commissionner and FDLR spokesperson