Few Facts To Know About Rwanda

Located in East Africa, Rwanda is considered to be one of the most popular countries in Africa. The country was quite famous for the terrifying genocide that happened in 1994, which was considered one of the most tragic events across the world. However, this became a channel for change in the country’s history as it had since moved forward on the path of social, economic, and ecological development, putting the events of 1994 behind it.

Travelling to Rwanda? The East African country welcomes a significant amount of tourists across the world, so there are definitely lots of interesting stuff about the country. Listed below are some interesting facts about Rwanda, courtesy of best usa online casino.

Plastic Bags Are Banned

Rwanda has boasted to be one of the cleanest countries in Africa, and its public spaces are always, undoubtedly, clean and you won’t be able to find any trash stalking around the environment. This was as a result of the banning of plastic bags in East Africa country which happened in 2008. Entering the country, all visitors or residents will be checked by officials and will be asked to remove any plastic bags you might have brought back.

Has The Highest % Of Women In Parliament In The World

Over 60% of its parliament members are made of females, which made Rwanda become the country with the highest percentage of women in the parliament in the world. This helps put Rwanda on the map of the world for another reason.

Community Work Day Is Every Last Saturday Of The Month

On the last Saturday of every month from 8 am to 11 am, residents of the country will come out to participate in community projects. It is being called Umuganda and it is highly compulsory. People nationwide will take part in cleaning the streets, cutting grass, helping in building schools, and many more.

Home To Mountain Gorillas

Around 60% of the popular mountain gorillas are populated in the Virunga Massif, of which the Volcanoes National Park is part of the country. Considering that people share over 97% of the genetic code with this endangered species makes them fascinating to us humans, and Rwanda is doing its utmost best to conserve this species. This allows only less than 100 tourists a day to take part in gorilla tracking which cost over $1,000.

The Most Densely Populated Country In Africa

The average population density in the country is estimated to be 274.6 people per square kilometer, thus becoming the most densely populated country in Africa, which is why www.australianonlinecasinosites.com can be accessed in the country.

Four Official Languages

The East African country has four official languages being spoken by its residents. They are French, English, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili.