Top Quality Coffee Brands Popular In Rwanda

There are different kinds of coffee available on all continents, the South American coffee has a different taste when compared to African coffee and Indonesian coffee.

African coffees are famous for having higher acidity and fruitless flavour than any other region across the world. Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia have been known as famous high-quality coffee-producing countries and they have been producing it for several years. However, Rwanda has joined the list. It is surprising that Rwanda was not a coffee producing-country before this considering its high-quality soil which is suitable for producing classic coffees.

In this article from best online casino usa, we will be listing out some of the best Rwandan coffee brands known in the country. If you love other kinds of African coffee, you should be trying out the Rwandan coffee. Who knows, you might develop a favourite among them.

Westrock Coffee Company Rwanda Select Reserve

This coffee brand has its coffee available in a single-serve pod that can be used in Keurig-style brewer. It features a medium-dark roast which comes with impressive Earthy flavours that give it a sharp Rwandan’s elegance. Westrock should be one of, if not, the first Rwandan coffees you should be trying out if you’re a lover of the drink. While its label claims dark roast, it is close to medium.

AmazonFresh Direct Trade Rwanda Ground Coffee

Second, on the list is AmazonFresh, and from its name, you should know what big company owns it. The AmazonFresh is direct trade from Rwanda and it doesn’t cost much. It is one of the best Rwanda coffee you should be trying and it’s cheaper. Just like the first on this list, this coffee is exactly the kind of coffee you should be expecting from Rwanda.

While it is a lighter roast when compared to Westrock, this is the standard for African coffee. Although light roasts are known to be quite difficult to brew correctly, this coffee made it look easy for its consumers. You might want to consume this coffee before playing games at

Rwanda Bean Ikerekezo-Vision Premium Coffee Beans

Rwanda Bean Ikerekezo roast coffee’s big point is its taste, however, it is fairly expensive for a small amount of coffee. This is a coffee that can be used as a special treat rather than as an everyday drink. It is one of the best light roasts you can find on the Rwandan coffee market. It can also be considered as a medium-light roast, which helps in balancing its flavour and brewing difficulty. It is one of the highest quality coffee you can drink, the only drawback is its cost on the market, which is high when compared to other top-quality coffees like the AmazonFresh and Westrock. However, if you’re looking for premium coffee, Rwanda Bean Ikerekezo roast coffee is the one you’re looking for.