Finally Paul Kagame recognized Hutu’s massacres

by Arnold Gakuba

The two political opponent parties in Rwanda of Bernard Ntaganda and Victoire Ingabire request a memorial and mourning day of Hutu killed, as Paul Kagame accepts himself that Hutu were killed. The president Paul Kagame declared to Evgeny Lebedev the following words: “It’s ok. There are a big number of Hutu who died. However, they were not killed because of their identity”.

This declaration is found in the report of Evgeny Lebedev of The Giant Club written in The Independent Newspaper after meeting Paul Kagame when he joined this club aiming at protecting living organisms. 

The opposition parties operating in Rwanda, PS-Imberakuri of Bernard Ntaganda and Dalfa-Umurinzi of Victoire Ingabire, have released a joint press communiqué commenting on the words of Paul Kagame “he made another step in his political history “… “Saying loudly what was like a taboo in Rwanda.”

The Rwandan Government and the United Nations declared that there is the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi prepared by the government of the time where the Tutsi were hunted and killed because of their identity.  

There are various reports affirming that there have been massacres against Hutu who were in Rwanda and those who took refuge in former Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo today). 

PS-Imberakuri and Dalfa-Umurinzi, two political parties which are not yet allowed to operate in Rwanda, in their communiqué have requested the president Paul Kagame to make another step by authorizing to remember even the Hutu perished.  

Their communiqué demands to put in place a yearly day of remembrance for the Hutu bodies killed scatted everywhere and put in place a fund to support the families of the killed Hutu.   

The idea of massacres perpetrated against Hutu is not much raised in Rwanda to fear being harassed by the government as it was mentioned by the late Kizito Mihigo in his book published after his death.  

The two political parties Dalfa-Umurinzi and PS-Imberakuri declared that those who committed the crime of killing the Hutu should ask for forgiveness and decide to destitute the image of all people who declared that the Hutu were killed and receive grief compensation.