Children love a holiday fireworks display, but letting children handle fireworks themselves is extremely dangerous. Professionally run fireworks displays are most likely a safe bet, but on the Fourth of July you will also find amateur displays that can be incredibly risky in neighborhoods across the United States.

You can stay safe and keep your children safe while still having fun with fireworks. Here’s what you need to know under fireworks safety 101.

Consider Watching Public Fireworks

Thankfully, some organizations take it into their hands to display public fireworks that are safe for the general to view and enjoy the show. You don’t have to invest much to give your kids a fireworks show. Leave the lighting fireworks to the professionals and watch with your kids from a safe distance.

Invest in Legal Fireworks Only

The law requires firework manufacturers to label their products and provide directions of use in every packaging for users’ safety. Depending on your state, you may be required to seek a permit to possess fireworks and use them. For instance, buying 1.3G type fireworks legally requires a special permit. Check with your local authorities to educate yourself on the laws regarding fireworks possession.

Never Let Your Kids Play with Fireworks

Sparklers, firecrackers, and rockets are too dangerous for kids to use, even with supervision. Sparklers can heat up to more than 1100 degrees (hot enough to melt gold). Instead, give them glow sticks, especially for the younger kids who won’t notice the difference.

Don’t Try to Make Your Own Fireworks

Fireworks can be hazardous. They have been known to cause explosions, fires, and severe injuries as bad as burns and amputations. If legal fireworks can cause such hazards, why would you want to risk making your fireworks?

Choose an Open Area for Your Fireworks Show

You want to keep your kids entertained and safe all at the same time. Choose a leveled and open outdoor area with no dry bushes or home structures around. Ask the adults to supervise the kids and keep them safe from the area you plan to light the fireworks. You might want to wet the area with a garden hose to keep the area safe from catching fire in case the fireworks fail to shoot.

Appoint Sober Adults to Light Fireworks

Safety begins with you. You could handle everything right and put measures to protect your kids during a fireworks show, but if the person lighting them up isn’t attentive and sober, you risk causing injuries and hazards. Ensure that whoever you appoint to light up the fireworks is sober enough to handle them.

Educate Your Kids About Fireworks Safety

You may want to teach your kids the following:

• Warn your kids not to touch fireworks, especially when in storage.

• Educate them on the various hazards that they risk causing if they don’t handle them well.

• Closely supervise children under the age of 12 when handling sparklers.

• Ensure that they have both protective footwear and eye-wear to prevent injuries and burns.

Always warn children against pointing or throwing fireworks at someone, even if it’s a joke. Careful handling or avoiding fireworks may be the safest for kids, especially in the absence of adult supervision.

Warn Kids Against Picking Up Fireworks After an Event

Unknown to kids, some fireworks may still re-ignite and explode even after use. Warn your kids against picking up used pieces of fireworks, especially after an event. Also, warn them against relighting a dud. Your lighting techniques should also be safe for both the environment and the people around you.