By Gakwerere

The photo above is of Maj Gen Fred Rwigema, Gen Deng Alor Kuor, Dr John Garang and Gen Tumwine Elly. It was taken during a security meeting between the SPLA and NRA (now UPDF). This photo was taken at the time when the insurgency in Northern Uganda was at its peak. The picture shows calmness, deep thinking and shrewdness on the part of war time planners. Battle minds of Great War planners at easy, R.I.P to Dr John Garang and Maj Gen Fred Rwigema – great personalities.

While Maj Gen Fred Rwigema was spending sleepless nights fighting for the general peace of all Ugandans, Rwanda’s current ruler – Paul Kagame was in Kampala at Basima house the then CMI headquarter carrying out fake investigations, intimidations, arrests, screening, incarcerating, assassinating and killing peaceful Ugandans.

In 1977, after Fred Rwigema introducing Paul Kagame to Museveni, the genesis of despair, killings and deaths befell the people of East Africa at the hands of Paul Kagame. Upon meeting Museveni in 1977, Paul Kagame was merely 20 years old, skinny, baby face with highly Tutsi face a feature that attracted Museveni into this young man. At the moment, Museveni relieves that meeting in 1977, especially after learning that his adopted son Fred Rwigema was killed by Paul Kagame, the wiping out of UPDF forces in Kisangani, the symmetric assassination of all UPDF commanders/cadres who served in Kisangani i.e Maj Gen James Kazini, Brig Gen Noble Mayombo, Col Sula Semakula…etc. Once Kagame promises to bring death to your door step, he will do it with all the necessary means. He never forgets or forgives; he hunted these great NRM cadres from the streets of Kisangani to the streets of Kampala.

During the burial of Noble Mayombo, Museveni noted that, “the NRM cadres are being assassinated by a dark force in the region.” He came short of naming Rwanda and its ruler Paul Kagame. The assassination of James Kazini and Noble Mayombo will be a topic for another day!!!! All UPDF officers know the planner and the killer, but for diplomatic reasons they have buried the case.

After the 1979 introduction meeting at Speke hotel where commandant Museveni was staying exactly after the overthrow of Idi Amani, this was when his trusted ADC, Captain Fred Rwigema introduced Paul Kagame to Commandant Yoweri Museveni; Museveni who was then the de facto leader of FRONASA decided to refer young Paul Kagame to Monduli military academy to join other young Ugandans for basic military training. These Ugandans were to be integrated in the new post Idi Amin army and other security agencies.

In case of Paul Kagame, Museveni instructed that he should be given a crash course in intelligence training. This was a renaissance and the birth of a new Paul Kagame; this is a day where he turned from a friendly boy to a serial killer. This was a day Paul Kagame turned from a bicupuri man (fake money laundering) who was known around Luwum and William street – Kampala to a serialised brutal assassin – Killer.

BY 1982 during the NRA war, his profile as a cold blooded killer was known within NRA combatants where he was nicknamed PILATO for his merciless traits in screening, interrogation, torture or punishing any subversive individual.