Former RPF Vice-Chairman Patrick Mazimpaka has died at the age of 70.

By Gakwerere

The 70 year old succumbed to illness in India on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mzee Patrick Mazimpaka was one of the 5 architecture in the creation of the RPF. He is the one who introduced the father of hypocrisy and intrigue Tito Rutaremara to Gen Fred Rwigema, a decision that he must have regretted in his later years, as he witnessed his creation – baby, the RPF being dismantled and teared apart by a group of selfish characters.

When they created the RPF in 1987, captain Paul Kagame was no where among the ideological minds being the scheme.

30 years down the line, criminal Paul Kagame is being imaged as one of the founding members of the RPF. All Rwandans know the brutal cleansing of RPF founding members by criminal Paul Kagame. Those who survived the
putsch, were sidelined – put on gatebe.

However, the RPF as Mzee Patrick Mazimpaka and his comrades envisaged was by 2000 completely destroyed, as the Kagamist version of the RPF was reborn. The RPF as an ideological political organisation started to die with the death of Gen Fred Rwigema, as a satanic cult of idolising an individual – criminal Paul Kagame, took a centre stage.

The Late Mazimhaka was married to Dr. Jolly Rwanyonga Mazimhaka, with whom they had three daughters.

R.I.P Mzee Patrick Mazimpaka who has died in India at the age of 70.