In Rwanda, all ministers have been trained in art of lying completely. Here there is a typical example of what is happening in our motherland. On one side, the minister in charge of agriculture (Dr Agnes Kalibata) stated that in Rwanda food is available and she tried to announced that, in Rwanda there is a food security.

To the side of the Minister in charge health ( Dr Agnes Binagwaho), the malnutrition is expanding especially in some districts of southern province and also in the North especially in Gakenke district.

Here is the justification from the Ministry of Health. Low skills of parents in food preparation. Can we get the truth from these two ministers? I don’t think so!!! here it is a clear justification.

In Rwanda, there is a scarcity of food but these two ministers are confused and may be they don’t refer to the definition of food security provided by FAO or WHO when talking about food security. According to the world Health organization, food security is built on three main pillars: food availability, food access and food use. From these, the minister of Health (Agnes Binagwaho) point on third pillar but she ignores the first two. Here Binagwaho is a right hand of president Paul Kagame in lying the entire nation and international community.

Agnes Binagwaho, a minister in Rwanda but who can’t speak two minutes in Kinyarwanda, all Rwandans are convinced that this minister don’t know level of prices of agricultural products on local markets. And why this minister is so confused at this extent?

Look at Agnes Kalibata. This minister of agriculture in Rwanda knows the truth hidden in his ministry. She knows well the consequences of different policies initiated by her especially that policy of monoculture. Minister Kalibata, I hope that you are aware of inflation heating these days in your sector. Do you think that, Rwandans are so blind at that extent? I think that at that point there is a confusion in your ministry and really you are helping your president in justifying funds given by World Bank and AfDB. If some projects of your failed, what is your motivation in saying that in Rwanda, there is a food security? Here I am Hon. Ministers, but you are spreading lies!!!!!!

Peter Urayeneza