Recent RPF Elections: A M7 Model Emerging?

Seen in the photograph here is Madam Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame at the recent RPF elections. More on this in a minute.

Paul Kagame won the recent RPF elections. By 99.05%. Kagame’s chairman of RPF is now nearly 20 years. Kagame has been at the helm since1994, never mind the figurehead, the late Kanyarengwe who was soon unceremoniously dumped anyhow.

Do you know how long 20 years really is?

When Kagame took charge of RPF in 1994, Bill Clinton was serving his first term as US President since 1993. After Clinton’s two terms came George W Bush’s two terms, and later Barrack Obama who is serving his second term.

Look at this in another way.

Kagame took over the reigns of RPF in 1994, when China’s President Jiang Zemin was serving his first 5-year term; Jiang completed his second, and was followed by Hu Jintao’ two terms, and thereafter the incumbent Xi Jinping.

Lastly, a baby born in 1994 when Kagame took over is now in university!

But the biggest surprise at the RPF elections was not Kagame’s long hold on power – nor was it his nearly 100% vote received.


The biggest surprise was the presence of his wife, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame.

When did she join RPF? Is this a Yoweri Museveni’s model whereby the wife joined the ruling party, became MP, turned into a minister and is said to be a presidential contender?

We live in interesting times indeed.

David Himbara