For Kagame, Rwanda is a family inherited property and the rest of the citizens are merely squatters.

By Gakwerere

During the RPA war, criminal Paul Kagame’s family relocated and stayed at Major Kale Kayihura’s house who was by then residing in Ntinda – Kampala. While Patriotic boys and girls were facing the fire from Habyarimana’s army, criminal Paul Kagame was impregnating his wife Jeannette Nkusi Nzirorera Gasana Kagame, that is why all his children were born during the war.

Criminal Paul Kagame, in 1992, during the ceasefire, as the Arusha negotiation was taking place. This was the time when the coward criminal came out of his hiding at Major Kale Kayihura’s house in Ntinda, and went to the front line to visit Rwanda Patriotic Army units.

During this visit which was then known as Afande “Pissi” visit, “Pissi or Peace” was a nickname given to criminal Paul Kagame by combatants, and skinny man loved the name.

On his visit, criminal Paul Kagame would always tell the young RPA combatants that “Tumesha kufisha ma askari wengi. Tuko navilema wavita. Tuko katika shida zavita. Alakini tuko karibu yakupata matunda. Namatunda atakuwa yetu sisi wote.”

Literally meaning, “we have lost many comrades. We have many war casualties. We are in a difficult war situation. But we are soon realising our dreams and we shall all share the fruits of our dreams.”

What all combatants didn’t know, it was the war fruits/matunda was only for him and his family to enjoy. In his underlying plan, he was to achieve this big dream by all means and then send to the graveyard those compatriots that sweated for this dream – matunda.

When the dream that he was always craving was realised. He first send those that he feared to their graveyard through unprecedented assassinations and others thrown out of the army, the war casualties were left without any single support or care, orphans whose parents died fighting forgotten and the criminal turned the dream into his family happiness; as citizens accepted authoritarianism to get a grip of the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, just know that all politicians are assholes, selfish and incredibly hypocrites. But there is a minimum covenant that these men and women ought to promise their citizens, the essence of granting and protecting basic human rights to their citizens.

No one, no one and no one has the right to take the life of someone. Life is a precious gift that God gives to an individual and no one except God should have the power to take such a gift.

These politicians can stay with their evil political power, let them rule indefinitely, at least respect and grant basic human rights to the citizens. In case of Rwanda, skinny man has gone to the extent of withdrawing the citizenship of many dissidents and citizens don’t even have the right to live without fear of being killed by the state. For Kagame, Rwanda is a family inherited property and the rest of the citizens are merely squatters.