Kagame Is Off To Uganda To Ease Tensions With Museveni 

By David Himbara

After The Latter Pulled Out Of The African Union Summit Held In Rwanda. A Month Earlier, Kagame Had Skipped The East African Summit In Uganda.

Andrew Mwenda, the Ugandan journalist who seems to drive Kagame’s agenda just made a big announcement

Mwenda announced via Twitter that President Paul Kagame is off to Uganda tomorrow to meet President Yoweri Museveni about the political tensions between the two men.

According to Mwenda,

”President Kagame will have a one-day working visit to Uganda for a meeting with President Museveni in Entebbe tomorrow, Sunday, March 25, 2018. It will be a follow up on the Addis Ababa meeting in February. The aim is to find a solution to the tensions between the two countries.


You don’t come to my summit, I won’t attend yours

President Museveni canceled his trip to Rwanda for the signing of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) due to security concerns. A month earlier, Kagame had skipped an East African Community Summit held in Uganda. That is how low the relations between Rwanda and Uganda have sunk.

Relations between Rwanda and Uganda have gone from bad to worse since 2017

Uganda has been arresting dozens of Rwandans suspected of espionage, including those accused of kidnaping Rwandan refugees. In a dramatic development, Uganda has overhauled its security institutions – some of which were reported to be compromised by Rwanda’s infiltrators.

Mwenda and his boss Kagame

Be that as it may, you have to admit that Kagame has a unique leadership style

How does Kagame handover the management of Rwanda’s foreign relations to a foreign journalist? How is it that Mwenda is the announcer of Kagame’s meeting with a foreign head of state? Goodness gracious me! Meanwhile, let us see what happens tomorrow at Entebbe, Uganda, between Kagame and Museveni.