Following the decision of Kinshasa government to relocate in the Oriental Province and Equator the members of Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) who laid down their weapons and asked political dialogue with the Rwandan government, the FPLC informs the public as follows:

1. The behavior of the DRC government is inconceivable. While DRC is facing many challenges related the repetitive wars and poverty, how a responsible government can relocate the refugees a thousand kilometers deeply in country! How a responsible government can take as null the requests of such many refugees the DRC ever has and who are now completing 20 years on its territory!

2. If Joseph KABILA and his government want to give them the Congolese nationality they don’t need to put them in trouble by relocating them in a military base camp in KISANGANI for two major reasons. First, many of them are civilians and the soldiers among them have surrendered their weapons. Second, DRC is big so that any province can host them. Why it comes to confine them in a military camp and what is behind that plan?

3. According to our sources the government is using instrumentilisation and manipulation to create insecurity in those provinces while the wounded populations of unjust wars mainly in KISANGANI are planning a violent self-defense.

For those reasons, the leadership of the Patriotic Front for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC) invites:

1. The DRC government to stop relocation of FDLR but to take into accounts their requests in order to find a lasting solution the problem of Rwandan refugees in our country. The Congolese populations are tired of the cycle’s useless wars that some of the government senior leaders in complicity with their cronies are waging against them.

2. The FDLR’s not to go in the military base camp in Kisangani or elsewhere up-country like a lamb laid to his slaughter but to ask a political solution to their problem.

3. The International Community (UN, EU, AU, SADC, ICGRL), to know that the military solution to the problem of refugees won’t put an end to the crisis in eastern DRC but will increase it whereas our people will continue to suffer millions of unnecessary deaths. It appeals formally to them in particular to the SADC states to make sure that the refugees won’t be relocated in Kisangani because if this happens, the situation will be worse than in 1996. At the same time, the FPLC recommends them to stop the potential chaos which shall come in this following two years. At last, the FPLC reminds its commitment to its objectives but assures a longing to any peaceful approach which shall bring a definitive solution. It wishes that any citizen and foreigner living in our country would enjoy his fundamental rights without any kind of segregation. So, it supports fully those against the FDLR relocation in Kisangani.

Done in GOMA, the 3rd August 2014

FPLC Cabinet

Contact: [email protected]