What is President Paul Kagame “selling” to the Americans during Africa-USA Summit?

He has nothing to sell. The US-Rwanda trade figures tell the story.

Rwanda is 180th largest trading “partner” to the USA. Rwanda exports to US amounted to $25million in 2013 – despite freer access via AGOA and bilateral agreements.

By comparison:

# Kenya is the 92nd largest US trading partner, and exported into American market $451 million worth of goods.

# Tanzania is the 124th largest US trading partner, and exported to US market $70mil.

# Uganda stands at 156, and exported into US goods valued at $47mil.

# Burundi stands at 193, and exported goods valued at $12mil.


So what is Kagame doing at the Summit? What business delegation is accompanying him, to make what “deals” and in what sectors?

He is probably alone, may be with one or two officials – and he will of course give some kind of lecture of how he has transformed Rwanda goodness knows from what to what.

By contrast, President Uhuru Kenyatta has a delegation of almost 60 leading business men and women. They are especially chasing power generation deals – among other strategic interests. You won’t see Kenyatta making a speech – too busy doing business.

David Himbara