Gambling in Canada: Top Upcoming Trends in 2021

Just like the rest of the world, gambling, both online and offline, is fast gaining popularity in Canada. Although Canadian authorities used to frown on online gambling, it’s slowly becoming mainstream with more and more Canadian players signing up to join online casinos.

With revenues and player base continually on the rise, let’s take a look at some of the major factors that have defined the Canadian online gambling scene and assess the trends that will likely determine the future of the industry.

Rise of online casinos

Online casinos have enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years due in part to the worldwide adoption of smartphones and the Coronavirus pandemic which forced people to stay at home and entertain themselves.

Although land-based casinos have done their part over the years to drive the gambling industry forward, online casinos are the in-thing now with dozens of them popping up daily.

Estimates say the Canadian online gaming industry rakes in over $30 billion annually with online casinos contributing a significant part of that number. With physical casino projects banned in some Canadian provinces, players have turned to online casinos and this has contributed to the popularity boom.

Canadians now have access to international gambling markets, game rooms, and sports bookmakers.

Although online casinos are getting a lot of attention and usage recently, the Canadian government has done very little to regulate the industry so it remains a grey area for now. Though this has done little to deter Canadians from gambling online.

Playing on the go

The rise of online gambling in Canada is part of a bigger global trend driven along by the proliferation of smartphones and cheap internet accessibility. For a vast majority of gamblers, it’s simply more convenient and cost-effective to play online.

Another important feature that has driven more users to sign up for online gambling is the focus on user interface and user experience on mobile devices. To this end, online casinos are creating smoother and better user interfaces so players can find games easily, play, deposit money and withdraw their winnings without any hassle.

This ease of use has driven even more Canadians to sign up for online casinos. Some Canadian online casinos, like Dux Casino, have a mobile app, mobile website, and desktop website to deliver the best experience to players.

The spread of digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets have replaced traditional payment methods like Mastercard and VISA for depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos. With the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, online casinos that have crypto-enabled payments are enjoying some of the limelight and crypto-using players are signing up to those casinos in droves.

Also, with banks and payment processors trying to clamp down on gambling-related transactions, cryptocurrencies are seen as a safer option since they have no such restrictions.

Spoilt for choice

The online gambling industry sector in Canada and the rest of the world is plowing forward at an unprecedented rate. Bigger, faster, better and more unique game formats are developed every day and physical casinos can’t hope to keep up.

The introduction of live streaming games also means that online gamblers are not limited to stale boring gameplay anymore as they can now join live dealer games and play in real-time with other players worldwide.

With VR technology on the horizon, live streaming games will become even more realistic with virtual environments where players can interact without leaving their homes.

What does the future hold?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain will play an increasingly significant role in the online gambling sector as operators try to provide more options and convenience for players.

Perhaps the most exciting trend on the horizon is AR and VR technology. The tech is largely unnoticed for now but it offers a significant opportunity to develop virtual gaming casinos where players can talk to each other, play with live dealers, real money and get the entire casino experience without leaving their home.