Gen Fred Ibingira, the only HUTU within the RPF inner circle?

By Gakwerere

To those who assume without any single research come out with loud noises that, “Fred Ibingira is a Tutsi.” Who lied you? Before categorising, try at least to do some research!! You will find someone waking up to categorise people without any single clue……just delusional guess work – filled with assumptions.

To me, currently, he is the only HUTU within the RPF inner circle, Kagame’s trusted brainless robot who was on Wednesday rewarded with a promotion to a full general, a four star General.

Being in Inkotanyi can’t or doesn’t make anyone become a tutsi. Inkotanyi doesn’t mean Tutsism!! Coming from Uganda doesn’t make anyone a tutsi, during the 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963, a proportion of Hutus fled the Rwanda with their former Tutsi masters, in case of DR Congo and Uganda, Rwandans started migrating their since the inter – Kingdom wars, the 17th century settlement due to hunger that was ravaging Rwanda and through colonial boundary demarcation. All these migration settlement were made by both segments of Rwanda’s population.

Growing within tutsi family doesn’t make anyone become a Tutsi……..for the doubters who jump on issues without research, find the reasons why he wasn’t given the chance to go to school, in stead sent him to graze cows. Then you will be able to get all the answers. He wasn’t sent to school not because he was dull or didn’t want school.

We now know the effect and consequences of having uneducated/illiterate military commanders. For Fred Ibingira, he became the master of earth scorched military strategy and a pure puppet to his master Paul Kagame who recruited him to join the NRA, then deployed him as a CMI (then it was known as DMI) thug in the streets of Kampala.

Criminal Paul Kagame made sure that his trusted field officer was promoted, thus corporal Fred Ibingira getting the rank of 2nd Lieutenant without attending a cadet course or any other military course. After being commissioned his junior officer rank, criminal Paul Kagame posted him in Northern Uganda as a military intelligence officer, and secondary, Paul Kagame wanted him to have field command experience. At this time, Northern Uganda was home to all sorts of insurgencies.

To Fred Ibingira, Paul Kagame is a saviour. Transformed him from a matooki trader (Banana trader) to a Intelligence officer thug and then, to a military commander. When he refers to criminal Paul Kagame as muzazi (parent) he means it. And criminal Paul Kagame trusts him 100%, he sees Fred Ibingira as his auto tuned robot and he was rewarded with a full General this week, a four star General.

But for those in RPF, they know the underlying truth within the ruling click and other RPF officials.

Currently, there is a new term that senior RPF officials are using to refer to none Tutsis within the system…they are calling them Banyankore.